Wednesday, 10 December 2008

"Outfit; Permanent jetlag"

The past seven days have been weird and tiring and I am so glad it's almost the weekend and almost Christmas holiday (9 days an counting). Today was my first venture outside the house in about a week and it was very nice, filled with Starbucks coffee and silly microbiology tests and the smell of formaldehyde... in other words, things are starting to be back to normal again :)

I am currently living out of boxes because we are still in The Big Cleaning of the House of '08. The good thing is that my room is finally done, we have some gorgeous brand new forks and spoons and cups that actually match!

I am also leaving you with an assortment of photos taken during the past few days. I haven't been using my camera a lot lately so I'm gonna try to get that back on track too.

Now I have an episode of Gossip Girl to watch again (am I the only one who fell in love with Chuck even more after this last one?) and a brand new episode of House waiting for me :)


dress: Kotton, tights: Accessorize, cardigan: Mango.


My mom got this huge teddy bear as a gift for a friend and her baby. Photos needed to be taken before the bear was given away!


Cleaning old boxes brings back memories and some old toys and dolls I had forgotten about:


Song of the Day: Bloc Party - Signs


deep_in_vogue said...

That thing with Chuck and Blair in this past episode got me tearing up. I love your images. The animal print on your tights and your big fluffy teddy bear. :) Hope you get settled soon!

ZORI said...

there are so much toys! They are lovely!

Bambola said...

=) so many photos!

That couch looks as cosy as anything.
The bear is adorable - perfect for little children... and big children. I like the feet photo the best.

the doll with the big nose is hilariously sad looking. & the picture of the arm with the hearts on the arm is so cute.
the hanging mouse is awesome...I'd like one for my car...

The harlequin doll looks so sad :( last photo is gorgeous!

Song of Style said...

love ur leopard print tights!!!

Fashion Tidbits said...

awesome last pic! the bear is too cute

Miss Woo said...

the leopard print tights rules!

karl's sweet child said...

great picture! as always!

karl's sweet child said...
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Electro Geisha said...

oh what a cute teddy.. and the feet :D but the dolls yuck. i dont like them at all... but i do like ur stockings ... leolady :D

Nemerae said...

I ove your tights!!! it's the best kind&colour of leopard print :):)
And nice pics!

Daiane said...

you're so linked! cu placere. xo

Joanne ( said...

Hey! Thanks for your comment :)

Fabulous post, this one! I loved the whole toys idea.
I also liked your leopard print leggings

Take care



carrie / wishwishwish said...

i'm kinda scared by the last doll! haha! lovely pictures!

Jenny H. said...

i just came across your blog and i really like it.
i loveee the tights you are wearing.

and YESSS i love chuck as well. i felt so bad for him in last weeks episode.

Katie said...

that episode was a goody!

not going to lie, those toys kind of creep me out. but in a good way. haha

carola said...

Outfitul foarte reusit, imaginile tare frumoase, un blog la care am sa revin des :) Pot sa te trec la Blogroll?

nookie said...

loving those tights:X

♥ fashion chalet said...

Those are some wild tights!! :)
may I borrow?? heheee.

Your comments always amaze, flatter and inspire me. :)



dapper kid said...

LOVE that bear, and the tights are super cool :) Haha I always get excited when we get things like new knives and forks!

Orange Lightning said...

i like your tights!
and i love your header, the fact that you like ryan too makes me really happy hah!