Monday, 1 December 2008

"Outfit; Theres something in the distance, a glorious existance"

Today's Outfit:

dress: Naf Naf, blouse: Mango, belt: Zara Kids, booties: Replay Jeans, necklace: Diva


Happy National Day, Romania! Thank you for the day off!

In other news, my house is in the middle of winter cleaning and renovation. I am sitting on boxes and living with a clean freak of a mother. So of course this also meant The Cleaning of the Closet (yes, capitalization is needed, believe me.). I realized yesterday, after 5 hours of sorting and cleaning (and watching the second half of season 1 of How I Met Your Mother) that I have a lot of clothes and this only means one thing:

I need to buy a bigger closet ;D


The Big Closet Cleaning of '08

The dresses.

The tights and socks.

The belts.

The clothes.


Much better, no?


Song of the Day: The Killers - Joy Ride


Bambola said...

MUCH better :) Sometimes it's nice to have a little "Spring Clean" (and yes, like you, capitalisation is necessary)

You find old pieces that you can pair up with the new ones :)

Happy National Day!

Mariëlle said...

Thats such a lovely outfit!

And thank you for the add. I am linking you back right this moment!

Nemerae said...

Of course you can! =) I'd do the same!!
& thanks for your comment ^^
Wow, you have lots of belts! and some very interesting prints in these dresses... btw, very nice the one you're wearing :D

Fashion Tidbits said...

did you just rearrange stuff or chuck stuff out too???

:) i always love visiting your blog, i hope you like visiting mine too

Bεαтя¡z said...
3 or 4 like this closet is what you definitely need ;)

Anonymous said...

Much better! haha Deep cleans always make me feel good afterwards.

Bεαтя¡z said...
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Joanne said...

Thanks for your comment :)

Nice post, I wish I had the guts to clean all my messy room, it has clothes floating everywhere, lol

Take care


Joana :)

Denishabeybeh said...

this got me thinking i need to re organize my stuff too. .

i bet you are feeling much better after.

have a great day

Alya said...

I LOVE my closet after a day of closet cleaning! Yours looks so nice and neat :)

Happy National Day!

deep_in_vogue said...

hahah good job!

.Eliza Alice. said...

Love it love it love it.