Monday, 8 September 2008

"These friends, they don't love you, they just love the hotel suites"

Because in the end we've had each other for years. And for years to come. It's like walking on egg shells and not caring if they break. Truth only hurts when it's not true and that's never been the case here. It's feeling like you're home when fingers touch and laughing at inside jokes that sometimes don't make sense to us either.
The tac-tac-tac of heels on the empty streets sounds as sweet as an unheard symphony in my ears and I love that you hear it too. We can all dance in circles around our hearts and enjoy the night.


Late birthday parties are the best because they're unique. They're un-birthday birthdays that we share with just us, laughing while the whole world stares bewildered. Mada's late birthday last night was just that and more. Happy birthday darling :)


Birthday girl looking fabulous!

Improvised photoshoot i the middle of the street, the clock struck midnight and the people stared be just didn't care. From left to right: Me, Dana, Mada and Minnie.

Strike a pose, break a lens!

Obligatory full outfit shot!

We went to this turkish/egiptian place that has these turkish/egyptian smoking things. Dana and I did a Godfather smoking remake. (PS: none of us really smoke, hence the happy dizzy smiles in the photos after this one)

Narcissism and alcohol go well together.

Minnie and I <3

One last photo while sitting at a stop sign. Lots of cars and lots of laughs.

So long, good bye and good night! Tomorrow will be greeted with aspirins and coffee.


Song of the Day: Fall Out Boy - I Don't Care


carrie / wishwishwish said...

aw, girls nights out are the best and you all look really good!

Shannon said...

I always love your photo shoots - especially when they are out in the street. it looks so full of energy and you girls all sparkle!

Christina said...

Awww you all look like you had TONS of fun!

Is that an egyptian hookah?

Denishabeybeh said...

this post makes me miss my girlfriends sooo much.
we're four too.

btw, i love all your photos!
keep it up!

Miss at la Playa said...

I'm celebrating my late birthday next week, haha

Dapper Kid said...

Haha looks like a super fun night :) Love your shoes and that oversized clutch looks fantastic!

coco said...

Fabulous pictures. You all have great style!

♥ fashion chalet said...

Everybody looks cute in their dresses! :) I love Birthdays. Can't wait, mine is next week!! Thanks for the comments by the way !<3

The Clothes Horse said...

Don't tell your friends, but I like your outfit best. Birthdays are fun, on time or otherwise! Or maybe it's just the parties...

Wendy said...

These photos are so fun!

Richel said...

that looks like a fun night out on the town!

Anonymous said...

you girls are cute. i love the pictures. look so fun fun and funn!

Charlotte said...

Glad yo had such a great time! Love to smoke the shishas!!

Always In Style said...

Gotta love girls night out! Great pics, looks like a magazine shoot.