Thursday, 4 September 2008

"Suddenly we're running out of time"

"We're crashing cars we used to share
With summer girls
With summer hair
We're driving around chasing the stars
But the party's busted up
Before it ever starts

Stop making plans, start making sense
Don't you believe any word they said
Sparked up, sparked up like a book of matches
Falling through the night
And rising from the ashes

I'll never let you go
Don't ever forget
Tell me you'll remember
Forever young
I'll never let you fall
It's not over yet
You and me forever
Forever young
We're forever young
We're forever young
We're forever young"


yiqin; said...

Ah I love the academy is. Awesome song1

Tinkerbell and fairies said...

You and your friends look so sweet(:
I like your blog!

Miss Woo said...

Wow Rome is beautiful! The buildings are stunning, and you look quite lovely on the balcony!