Tuesday, 18 September 2012

"Forget the bull in the china shop, there's a china doll in the bullpen."

Behind Bars
Sometimes I dream about buying a pair of comfy sneakers but we all know I'm never gonna wear them outside a hospital so at least I can be honest about this to myself and that shows important personal growth for me this summer. Or something ;))


I cannot believe summer is officially over. Okay, mostly I dont want to accept this fact because the more I think about the fact that I am starting my last year of medical school the more I need to curl up in a fetal position clutching a pillow and just wallow in my own pit of despair and bitter tasting anguish. Yes, I am refusing to accept reality and substituting my own, haha, what are coping mechanisms?

(How do you adult and where can I order the crash course?)

But summer was fun and thrilling and so goddamn enjoyable that I am not bitter at all it's ending. Or not too bitter, at least. I spent my last real vacation doing what I do best: bumming around, drinking my weight in beer, reading books and getting a tan for the first time in years.

And I have a feeling on the first day of uni I am going to be scared like hell yet unnaturally giddy. And hungover. Oh yes, so very hungover.


Behind Bars

Note to self: when you're getting up the next day at 6 am to have coffee with The Boy before he leaves for work, do not think that watching the Lord of the Rings: Return of the King (extended edition, of course) is a good idea because in the morning you will look like you got run trampled by the entire orc forces of Mordor. (I've got dark circles like Sauron has anger management issues.)

(Also: thank the gods The Boy already loves me or else my screams of "Aragorn, what is your face!" and "Samwise Gamgee, you are a special precious snowflake!" would have scared him off forever.)

Behind Bars

Behind Bars

Shoes that have metal pointy ends work because they can be used as a weapon and a fashion statement. I just need a pair that has knives for heels and I'll be ready to take over the world as soon as I can move my ass off the couch.

Behind Bars

Nail-polish inspiration: The Sandman comics by the formidable Mr. Neil Gaiman. It is gruesome and funny and macabre and an amazing read.

Behind Bars

Wearing: Kotton dress, Zara shoes, Accessorize bracelet, no name tights and bracelets.



Because it's nice when you finish some good books (must reads for this summer: Cloud Atlas because it is breathtakingly beautiful, Sharp Teeth because it's vicious and bloody and World War Z because it's about zombies!!) and it's nice when you can wiggle your toes in the sand. Summer days being lazy and summer nights eating shawarma on the boardwalk under the full moon, yes please.

You can't have The Boy and I in the same room without some geek out moments. T-shirt from WeLoveFine and comic books from one of my favorite new coffee places, Comic Book City Cafe.


Road trips at night. They turned out to be more fun when the soundtrack was a two year old mixtape and I realized I heard most of these bands live a month back (more about The Amazing Beer Sponsored Adventures at the Dusty Sziget Festival, starring yours truly, in the next post) and when the company was a sleepy kitty, a finished highway and good friends.


Song of the Day: Dessa - The Bullpen


Anonymous said...

love the pointy shoes with the striped tights. and the nails!

Anaivilo said...

I just bought Cloud Atlas and I can't wait to read it! And see the film too :D Gorgeous shoes my dear and I wish you all the good luck for your last year in Med school!

little fashionista said...

Do you have a collection? A collection of t-shirts, which includes all styles, colors, funky quotations, cartoon graphics, and more for your fashion wear. I have it, and I am sure you have it as well, probably you just never noticed.

Jessica W said...

I adore those tights. So glad someone on a fashion blog mentioned LOTR. Best movie ever tbh :PP

The Lovelorn

Alex Rogers said...

cool article. love the stockings. and when summer is over it does suck.

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jyoti said...

nice post.

Jahanvi Singh said...

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