Saturday, 24 November 2012

"Do the wiggle, man."

Festival Dance Moves 
Because a picture is worth a thousand words, this picture probably sums out my summer better than anything else. Being lazy and drinking beer and forgetting, for a little while, that in an year's time I shall have to be a responsible adult. Bliss sometimes means just shutting down.


Contrary to popular belief, I am dead but just lacking in making my online presence known. These past few months I've used my internet connection for nothing but silently lurking on Tumblr to stare at photos of Ben Whishaw and to watch my fill of new tv shows and yell at them when the characters are being idiots (I'm looking at you, The Walking Dead!)

In a nutshell: I've started my 6th and final year of medical school so I am stuck dangling between uncontrollable panic and peaceful zen like stupidity. Give me a few more months and I'll probably be rendering Jack Nicholson's performance in The Shining. I've gotten a puppy, his name is Captain and he is an adorable little fucker who will probably not rest until he has chewed or peed on all of The Boy's and my possessions. I've developed a new obsession for all the stars of Skyfall. And I've read almost all of The Sandman comics that have graced my hands and laptop screen.

In other words, how do you adult and can I get the magical formula in a bottle to drink with my morning breakfast of gummi bears?


Because my camera and I have been on a break (for the better, trust me, as I now have the artistic capabilities of a knat) I will bore you with photos from my summer holiday. More precisely, from the week I spent in a beer fueled craze at the Sziget Festival in Budapest.

Can't talk about the festival without talking about Budapest though. If I were a bitter kind of person (and heaven forbid, I am not. Really. Stop laughing.) I would be very jealous of the people who get to live in such a magnificent city. I had already been there once but it was just for a night and I accidentally got drunk on a boat tour and then walked in circles for an hour trying to find my hotel so all my memories were a blur.

It's the kind of city I want to visit again and again and again, just getting lost on the streets and then being an absolute tourist and stopping at the nearest pub and eating till I burst and I rarely miss a city this much after visiting it. So you go Budapest, keep on being a beautiful bitch till I see you next!

Festival Dance Moves 
See, it's like this pretty jewel on the river. I am so glad I am not a nasty person by nature or else I'd hate it just for the principle.

Festival Dance Moves Festival Dance Moves

Festival Dance Moves Festival Dance Moves 
We didn't get too much sightseeing in our daily schedule because we always woke up late then spent some extra time at Starbucks hoarding the wi-fi like it was a lifeline (I have no idea what you mean by addiction, ahem!) but what we did see was very nice. (Pictured up there is The Parliament which was designed around the phrase Needs More Gold.)

Festival Dance Moves Festival Dance Moves

Festival Dance Moves Festival Dance Moves
Don't let the water bottle in that photo fool you, that was just our first day before we realized the beer was cheap and easy to get at any moment of the day. We also wobbled around like headless chicks for the first day due to me being the only person in history who cannot wear a pair of Converse without getting open wounds.

Festival Dance Moves
 But I gotta me honest, my favorite place in Budapest was the zoo where for a few hours we forgot we were actually full fledged adults and ran around buying balloons and petting any animal that was not a) poisonous or b) likely to view us as a walking McDonald's menu. I went a bit crazy over the Sloths. And I admit it, if I could have fooled the security, I would've run out of there clutching this little fellow while yelling "MINE!". (In this photo I was probably having a happiness attack and mumbling incoherently about his face.)


And now, the reason why we packed all our favorite summer clothes in one car and drove halfway around the country: the festival!

Festival Dance Moves

It's gonna sound annoying when I say it but you had to be there to be able to imagine the immensity and the craziness that they could fit into one tiny island. Just keep in mind this: we decided to walk around the place one day and got so tired halfway around the island that we just gave up and stopped for whiskey. And next time I get there I will bring myself some costumes because even with my glow in the dark devil horns headband I fell in the absolutely ordinary side of the scale.
(Costumes, in order of importance, will include: Batman, Kermit the Frog, Ezio from Assassin's Creed, one of the members of LMFAO.)

Festival Dance Moves Festival Dance Moves

I got to headbang to Korn, felt like a teenager while screaming the lyrics to Placebo, danced to The Killers and really danced to Snoop Dogg Lion and his pot smoking dog mascot, wiggled wiggled wiggled to LMFAO, realized I know all the lyrics to all the Sum 41 songs, sat on the grass and let Paolo Nutini serenade me, and went crazy for The Subways. And so much more.
Festival Dance Moves

And I went on a ferris wheel and realized at the top that I have a serious fear of heights. The Boy was very helpful and by that I mean he spent the whole ride laughing at my pain. (It's okay, that's how we show or love for each other.)

Festival Dance Moves

Festival Dance Moves Festival Dance Moves

Festival Dance Moves Festival Dance Moves

We saw The XX kill it at their show. And I never realized that one thing that was missing from my life was a marching band that plays Journey on loop.

Festival Dance Moves Festival Dance Moves

Mojitos in a bucket, enough said. We also flirted with the idea of going drinking in the sky high bar but after my unfortunate experience with the ferris wheel I realized it'd end poorly for everyone involved. (And I don't know how to say in hungarian "Hey, sorry I puked on you and then clutched your hand in a death grip while mumbling prayers to all the gods in history.")

Festival Dance Moves

Festival Dance Moves Festival Dance Moves
Apparently, you can live on nothing but Slushies, alcohol and fried food.

Festival Dance Moves Festival Dance Moves

Festival Dance Moves
The guy in the pig suit didn't want to be in the photo but the chicken dude made up for it in his enthusiasm.

Best summer ever.

Festival Dance Moves


Song of the Day: LMFAO - Sexy and I know It
(But of course :))


Anaivilo said...

I wish you good luck in your final year and I am sure you will do great! :D Just don't die between books and patients please, I need to read you some more :D

The Hearabouts said...

Budapest IS a beautiful bitch!! And your pics make me miss it a lot! I've been there three times already (including this summer) and I still can't get enough of it. And the Zoo, ohmy, ohmy..our favs were the lemurs, we have an entire post dedicated to our visit there:

And Sziget, the crowd, the concerts, the craziness, those huge sandwiches/hot dogs...

Glad you finally got around to posting this :X


Cecille said...

Party time!!! Love the atmosphere from these pictures!!

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Love your blog!

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Special Koko said...

Beautiful pics :P I'm sure you'll do just fine in your final year, but I feel you...I get like that too :)). I usually write a positive letter for my future self so I can read it when I'm all stressed out :)).

Kelly Ann said...

Great post! I love all of these photos!

Sparkles and Shoes

Kdotorg said...

Great photographs, looks like so much fun!
I adore your blog, would you like to follow each other?

Buttons Apart said...

Great pictures! Looks like your having a fun time!

Sita xx

Finn Felton said...

Lovely... enjoyment at its best.

Kopi Luwak

George Cazacu said...

Beautiful pictures and moments you have here. Thanks for sharing them with us! :)

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