Thursday, 2 August 2012

"This quiver in my lip, that’s just where I keep my arrows"

The Big Two Four
So close to being a quarter of a century old. My mother calls me "still annoyingly young" and my friends remind me I would have been a mother and toeing my grave 200 years ago. How can you not love birthdays in this situation? :))


Not dead! I'm sure that was the feeling my empty blog was giving but I am not dead, just ridiculously apathetic regarding anything that has to do with the online world. And regular world. But things are looking up in that "Holy cheerleader, Batman! What have I been doing with my life" sort of way that hits me every few months and makes me want to drown in lattes and chocolate cake.

(Also, it took me a month to figure out why the new Blogger interface hates me. Apparently it just hates my Mac, which isn't surprising because duh, Macs.)

A recap of the past months:

  • I turned 24 and it was amazing because I got a surprise birthday party out of it (my friends > anything else)
  • I started archery lessons because I am slave to pop culture trends (Hello Jeremy Renner as Hawkeye, let me stare at your arms some more and hey to you too Miss Katniss Everdeen and that surprisingly violent to be a movie/book aimed at teenagers) and Krav Maga lessons because I am tiny and girly and afraid of being killed in dark alley someday (The most important lesson I learned: always kick the balls and if wearing heels just head straight for the kneecaps.)
  • I finished my 5th year of medical school and that means that I have just one more year left before I will be deemed responsible enough to hold people's lives in my hands and WHAT?!
  • Saw movies. A lot of movies. Maybe even too many movies? Yeah, right, like there's such a thing as too many. Favorites: The Avengers which I saw fives times in a row (Okay, maybe this is too many.)(If anyone wants to talk to me about a psychotic God of Chaos or Tony Stark and his loathing for himself and other Avengers feelings you know where to find me.); The Dark Knight Rises (The French Revolution meets Occupy Wallstreet meets Tom Hardy's beautiful back, yesssss!); Rock of Ages (so much kitch and when did music go from awesome to Bieber and why am I attracted to jean jackets again?!); and I forgot the rest but yay for movies!
  • Tv shows still keep me occupied: Teen Wolf (which is bad then it turns good and the characters are amazing in fun but still, what is up with the name?), The Hour (Ben Whishaw's face and journalism and the KGB and Ben Whishaw's face), Girls (which is so bad, guys, so bad but I can't stop watching and really, if I wanted to see whiny middle-class privileged white girls whine I'd just look in the mirror) and The Newsroom (such a love/hate thing: I love the way Sorkin writes but the man is so delusional and so stuck up in his "I am a white man, hear me whine how my life is soooo hard" and really dude? Life was better 60 years ago when sexism and racism and ableism were the norm?! Not that things are different now, far from it, but at least I can now call you on your bullshit so go stuff it!)
  • I was stuck in a rut. But now, I am not! (I think.) So yay!

And It's funny how my life can be summarized by what I watched but really, you wouldn't want to see me talk about other things because you'd end up smacking me upside the head. So welcome back to me, I might fall down the rabbit whole again so lets enjoy this pretty ride while it lasts :)


The Big Two Four

Birthdays with friends who I love so much it hurts sometimes and who join me in drinking alcohol and remising how awfully lame we were all in high school. I love life in moments like these.

   The Big Two Four 

The Big Two Four


The Big Two Four

Because The Boy knows me so well: his and hers XBox controllers. Now we can die together while playing Modern Warfare!

The Big Two Four The Big Two Four

And my friends know me too well, it'd be scary if it wasn't flattering. (Many long nights have been spent with too many wine bottles while trying to master the drums in Bat Country
Also: papoi!

Skin Bones Pearls

New obsession: superhero inspired nails. Hello Iron Man!

The Big Two Four


Also, a new love for weekends and barbecues and for the privilege of having a backyard.

Say Cheese   Lazy Bloody Weekday 

Books you should read: the Game of Thrones series (but only if you want to have your heart ripped out through your nose by the human troll known as George R.R. Martin), Boy Meets Boy (because being a teenager in love is beautiful and heartbreaking and exaggerated as only a teenager can be), Green River Running Red (for people who enjoy reading about serial killers as much as I do)(wow, way to sound creepy Anna), The Disreputable History of Frankie Landau-Banks (kick as girl fighting outdated gender norms and kicking ass!).

 McQueen It 
Things I also love: stealing The Boy's clothes. Things I love even more: the fact that he lets me.


 Heart You

Met up with Alice some more since my summer holiday started and it's been great. It's so nice to meet people with whom you can talk for hours. I love her and you should too!

Heart You

Superhero nails part too: Deadpool. Because who doesn't love a psycho?


In case you were ever wondering how study groups work.


And hospital rotations are a wonder when you can escape for a quick coffee break on the hospital roof.

I look more badass than I actually am. (Can hit 50% of the targets and I am really good at killing random potted plants that had the bad luck of being in the same room as my target practice.)
Rule of thumb: the pointy end? Keep it away from any living being and you'll do great.


Now, let my real vacation begin: if I show no signs of life please look for me in Budapest where I will be either drunk on a lawn listening to Placebo live or at the zoo cooing over cute baby sloths. I love summer.

Song of the Day: Doomtree - String Theory


Diana said...

Here's the thing: I used to love your blog, the way you wrote and your quirky personality, but now I am quite over it. Maybe because you are, as you said, a slave of the pop culture (honestly, you started archery and Krav Maga?), maybe because your writing style is not funny anymore- it's like you are desperately trying to mix everything you see online and in magazines and put it in a way that seems cool- I sincerely doubt you talk like that all the time. A year ago I thought you were adorable and unique, now it just seems you are trying to follow the trends and be as nerdy as you can be (I never bought the Oh-I-Love-Marvel and so on phase). I could say: Be Yourself, but maybe that's just who you are, and I can't and don't want to change who you are, that would be unrealistic and stupid of me, not to mention it's not my business. I'm not trying to be mean, I just think and suggest that you should focus less on what the pop culture dictates (I bet you're reading 50 shades of grey right now, aren't you? or are the books too popular?) and more on what you like. Take a look at your posts from a year or two ago, when you used to update once week, with personal shots of your style or images that you liked and so on...I miss that Anna! maybe she'll make a comeback!

Diana said...

Maybe I came on a bit too mean, that wasn't my intention, I'm sorry if I did, but I still stand by what I said! Take or leave it, it just was my opinion! Have a nice day!

Ioana said...

Eu dau buzna doar să spun un "la mulţi ani", să fie cât mai creativi şi coloraţi!

Mady said...

Happy birthday! hope you had an amazing time! great gifts...


Anna Pope said...

Diana: I'm sure we're 'breaking up' on such terms but, not to sound mean or confrontational, this is my blog and I get to write it as I please. I'm not the same person I was when I started it and it would be bad for me if this did not show in the way I present myself here.

It's not bad to like pop culture, it'd be bad for me if I just followed it around mindlessly. Archery is fun and Krav Maga is helpful because it helps to know how to defend oneself. I love fun things, I am a nerd but I'm not here to prove my nerd streetcred so if that doesn't float your boat, no problem. We can't all like the same things.

And no, I am not reading 50SoG. I browsed it and needy, female characters who owe their breath to the man they 'love', not my thing. It also feels insulting to the Bondage/Submission community as this is more about respect for one's sexual partner and his/her wishes and not just a way to control someone and be followed blindly.

Again, I wish I could say I'm sorry you don't enjoy my writing anymore but really, I'm not here to stuff my blog down anyone's throat so.

Ioana: Multumesc mult darling!

Mady: Thank you <3

D. said...

I am so so so glad you're back! And although I'm not a superhero fan, I love the nails!

Diana said...

Anna: You are right, it is your blog and you can write what you want, I was just stating my opinion and giving a suggestion, I don't think that's against the law. Like I said, it's your right to acknowledge it or not, and you don't have to agree. Oh, and I didn't say pop culture is bad, I like it, too, of course, I do write a blog myself and I work in media, so I have to know a lot of things. I'm glad we talked things over in a civilized manner. Have a nice day and happy birthday, I forgot to say it the last time!

Chantelle said...

You're hilarious! I'm excited you're back! I'm starting med school this year, so I'll but you about rotations in a couple years when I'll be peeing my pants because I'm a nervous wreck. Hahaha! Have fun in budapest!

Anaivilo said...

First: You started archery that is so awesome!! O.O Wish I could do that too, sounds very bad-ass ;) I saw the last Batman film too and I loved it!.. epic and yet emotional, because's an ending.
Second: Happy Birthdaaaay!! I trust you had a wonderful day and third: have a great fantastic wonderful vacation!!:D

Anonymous said...

happy happy birthday!

Alexandra said...

I love it that your blog is not only about fashion/style posts. I love it that you put yourself out there and most of all I love reading your blog because, albeit total strangers, you and I are a lot alike. Welcome back, and do keep blogging :)

Emilie said...

Fun post, I loved reading trough it!! First of all, Happy Belated birthday :p and I really love your nails!!! Looking forward to the next post because I really like the way you write. This is the first time I came here, but I just saw that your previous post was from a long time ago so hopefully we don't have to wait that long haha :)


Katherine / Of Corgis and Cocktails said...

i love that you started archery. is it fun? my sis-in-law's boyfriend is really trained in it and i love seeing his pictures (he started as a little kid so he has tons of like 12 year old him doing archery).

anyhow, this looks like a perfect birthday. full of so much love. and i LOVE your hair color.

<3 katherine
of corgis and cocktails

Misha said...

Ohmygosh that archery pic does look badass! Happy belated birthday beautiful.. I do miss your regular dose of rambling on and on... but how good isn't it to detach oneself from the blog-world every now and then and realize that eight years ago... spare time was.. different!