Tuesday, 1 November 2011

"Kill your heroes and fly, fly, baby don't cry."

Brownies and Movies
How to enjoy a day of baking: buy all the ingredients, pop open a bottle of wine, find a good movie that you've already seen a couple of times so you won't feel like you're missing something (my choice was Iron Man, because you can never get too much of Robert Downey Jr.) and then keep your fingers crossed that you don't burn down the kitchen or drop the batch of brownies all over the floor and yourself and get 2nd degree burns (...not that that has ever happened to me, nope, never, I am a good baker, I swear! Ahem).


I have gone through the plague and survived, hear me roar with health!

Okay, might be a bit of a drama queen here, it was not exactly the plague (that is soooo 14th century), it was more like a tiny cold virus but the idea still stands: I kicked its ass and came out victorious with nothing more than the destruction of an entire community of handkerchiefs and probably a renal insufficiency because of the abnormal amounts of paracetamol I've been ingesting. But booyah!

It was a long week that I spent becoming one with the couch, where I acquired a nice shade of pasty white (think asylum white, with a touch of eggshell) and ate my weight in Cheerios. Also watched serious amounts E.R. and spent each episode yelling differential diagnostics at the laptop screen. I don't have issues, I'm just a really nerdy med student.

Also, this week I finally found the perfect subject for my doctorate. I am very excited if by excited you mean hyperventilating with happiness and scared out of my wits. Yay?!


Old Spice Guy Is Right
Because I've been having a very close relationship with The Boy's couch, I've also been taking advantage of his things. Those things being wi-fi and his Old Spice. Really, I'm not the one to fall head over heels for products because of their comical and amazing ads, but I adore the smell of this deodorant. Also, he's on a horse :))

Brownies and Movies Drink With Your Head
Made brownies again, two days in a row, mostly because on the first day I managed to drop the steaming hot batch of brownie batter on myself. I blame my lack of coordination and the wet floor but now that my burns are healed I can laugh about it. It might have also been because of the glass of wine I was savoring while cooking but how can I say no to such a cute wine bottle stopper?


The awkward moment of the week: when we realized that the only thing we had in the fridge, besides beer and mustard, was a giant ostrich egg. That made for some fun, albeit starving, times.


Less Psycho, More Fangirl

The day I started walking with the living again. The night before these photos were taken I was plagued by the last remains of a fever and high on drugs so I decided to watch Star Trek and, because I forgot J.J. Abrams is a vicious sadistic little twerp, I of course started crying within the first 10 minutes and petting the laptop screen while whispering "You tragic, beautiful human being!"

(I then decided it was all too sad so I changed to movie to The Hurt Locker. Of course, you can imagine how well that went. Not my brightest moment.)

Less Psycho, More Fangirl Less Psycho, More Fangirl

Halloween has passed and I could, yet again, not be bothered to do anything so I took the opportunity to wear my American Psycho t-shirt and act like it was because I was feeling the All Hallow's Eve spirit.

Wearing: H&M trench, no brand tee & scarf, Mango jeans, Nine West boots.

Less Psycho, More Fangirl

I do love me some crazy Patrick Bateman.


Okay, so I did actually do something for Halloween. I ate delicious Cheerios and watched the best Halloween movie of all times: Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Now, if you're next thought is "Hey, I saw the Glee special episode!" I say Cease and Desist!, leave this page right now and immediately go and watch this fantastic, cheeky, fabulous cult classic movie and never, ever mention the Glee special in front of me ever again. No, really, if you do, I will have to use the dark side of the Force on you.

Because Rocky Horror is the kind of musical that would take Glee behind the school and kick it's cute little pig-tailed head in, using just one perfectly manicured pinky finger. While wearing heels. And with its eyes closed.

RHPS for Halloween

Rocky Horror is the cheesiest, kitschiest thing you shall ever see. It has enough glitter to choke a blue whale, enough gay to make Elton John blush and it tip-toes the line between cheap and fantastic like it's the show runner in a drag queen race. It's a like a sugary, vulgar bon-bon with a sparkly soft center.

Just superb 70s awesomeness at its best!

RHPS for Halloween

The movie stars Tim Curry who proves that mother nature is not fair because he rocks the high heels and garters better than most women, Susan Sarandon when she was a young fresh thing ready to be debauched and a guy in a pair of really skimpy gold shorts. That's really all you need to know for now, trust me :))

I'd tell you the plot but it's too ridiculous to even write down so I'll just say this: get the movie, get some popcorn and a sparkly top hat and get ready to sing Sweet Transvestite for the next week.

RHPS for Halloween

Collages made by me. Photos from Tumblr and WeHeartIt.

It's a memorable ride, witty and all raw, cutting (totally not straight) humor. It's a campy delight and I do hope you all enjoy it as much as I do. Just remember to take it with an open mind and not be too jealous of how perfect Tim Curry's legs look in those thigh highs ;)



Special K said...

I love to complain and over-exaggerate, it's the highlight of my day :))

The Hearabouts said...

High-five on our love for Old Spice :D.
Oh and this particular line: "It has enough glitter to choke a blue whale" won me over :))


PS: mmm, brownies...

Anonymous said...

Rocky Horror is on my watchlist for some time, but now I suppose I'm gonna have to watch it sooner than later! I will not mention whether I know about it from Glee or not ;)

modniza said...

you are always fabulous! xxxx

Diet said...

hehe, i can tell that you spend some quality time inside. you did your roots;)
by the way, i love your blog

Ruxandra said...

Such a great post as always... good luck in your new year of college :)

Ana said...

You always are a pleasure to read and watch :)<3

Cristina B said...

The expression 'becoming one with the couch' went straight to my heart, as my weekend was all about vegetating on that damn piece of furniture! The unfortunate situation was worsened by the horrifying fact of not being able to eat a single thing, not even the tiniest piece of cheerios, because I would instantly vomit the remains of my troubled stomach. I hope this made the memory of your virus-induced sufferings a bit more bearable:)
PS. I looove your American psycho tee!

Anaivilo said...

That Tee is greaT! Bates, was brilliant in that film, or so I thought when I was younger, I don't know, I need to rewatch it :D The films where so different then.. maybe I should try watch them, even though I barely have time these days (or on Halloween) to watch films.

Alexandra said...

Hm, haven't seen the movie. And probably never will xD I am not a fun of anything that spills certain quantities of blood and so on. Also, the batter on you feeling? believe me, I've been through it more than once...

alexandra @

Alexandra said...

Hm, haven't seen the movie. And probably never will xD I am not a fun of anything that spills certain quantities of blood and so on. Also, the batter on you feeling? believe me, I've been through it more than once...

alexandra @

chibiaion said...

Great list, opt to horror movie these days. Cheers for the health restored! :D

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