Sunday, 23 October 2011

"Something has gone away and we won’t get it back."

Home Is Where the Pie Is
The time of the year when one should hunt for fruit in the modern jungles we call supermarkets and bake, bake, bake perfect scrumptious pies made to be eaten while watching silly, mindless comedies. And because I'm me, of course I am sick to the bone and coughing out a lung and, by the looks of it, even a pancreas, and doing exactly the opposite of yummy pies and tv. You better be running Murphy, cause I'm out to get you as soon as I can breathe through both nostrils!


Fifth year of medical school, you sure took the whole "get them while they're fresh!" thing really personally, didn't you? Because really, I like a little bit of foreplay with my exams, thankyouverymuch.

It's not nice to sneak up on kids like that, because while you might presume that student brains are fresh and crisp and, most importantly, empty after a summer vacation, here's what you're missing: they are in fact filled with so much unnecessary mundane facts and sensations (like sleeping in on Sundays after a night of dancing on bars, and the entire discography of the newest band we heard in that club that one time with the glitter disco ball y'know?, and how to get the perfect french manicure at 2 am, and oh my god can Thor's hair get even more ridiculous) and so, we have no room for any more stuff. Like really big medical words. Or really, new big words in general.

So yes, I did feel like I've been taken from the soft, warm crib of mindlessness and dumped in the bucket of ice water of knowledge and it makes my brain feel like it's been hit with a sledgehammer. (And this might be the cough medicine talking. Don't quote me on that.)

But yes, two weeks of school and BAM! exam time. One moment I was busy fangirling over comic book movies of awesome and the next moment I was trying to remember all the physical signs of Duchenne muscular dystrophy.

But this brings us to the two most important things that have been occupying my atrophied brain these past couple of weeks:

a) Pediatric Neurology. Oh man, I was so freaked out on my first day. Because adults are okay, you can't break their bones by poking too hard and you can't drop them mostly because you never have to lift them in the first place which is a relief. So yeah, I was scared out of my wits the first time it was just me and a baby in a room, in an odd staring contest with me clutching the file like it was lifeline and him making happy gurgling noises.

But after two weeks I can say this has been my favorite rotation ever. Neurology is fascinating even if overwhelming, there are so many interesting things to know and I cannot believe I was actually completely thrilled by testing reflexes. And the kids. The kids! Teacup humans - like humans, except miniature! But with so much strength in their little bodies and souls to power the world that I am now completely and utterly in love with this specialty.

b) You didn't expect a post without me being a geek, did you? So, here we go: how cool is the new Avengers trailer? I've been waiting for this movie ever since I were a kid! I think my reaction was something along the lines of keyboard smashing and giggling like I inhaled laughing gas the first time I watched it. And then I watched it again. And again.

Because you see, these are most of my favorite superheroes and they will all be on the screen at the same time! Thor who is the superhero equivalent of a football jock who's been hit in the head too many times and with an addiction to hair products, and Loki who just needs a hug (a.n.: I will be yelling this at the screen. Repeatedly.) and Hawkeye the man who shoots arrows for a living and is still cooler than you'll ever.

And of course, Tony Stark. Tony Stark is my favorite because he's like this obnoxious little shit who is actually filled with so many issues to sink the Titanic and has the self-worth of a slug which he hides under a facade of a huge ass ego and don't-give-a-damn-cause-I'm-a-genius eyerolls and he pushes my buttons the right way cause I love my heroes a tad bit broken. (I'm looking at you Batman.) (Also, I feel like Captain America and Iron Man should definitely be married.)

(And yes, I overanalyze things but that's because I care and have all the feelings, guys! I am sure Alice understands my excitement.)


Besides my fangirling over both medical and comic book stuff, this post is a collage of what I've been up to since, well, my last post. Firstly, I was lucky to be invited by the sweet Alina Tanasa to the Il Passo launch of their new fall/winter shoe collection.

And let me tell you, it was a really great night of shoe eye candy. I almost walked out with a few pairs stashed in my bag if it weren't for the damn security systems. I jest, of course ;) I also got to spend some time with some charming bloggers.

Lovely Shoes & Lovely Ladies
Raluca and Sil from Bucharest Style, Gabriela, Denisa, Stella, Alina Ene and yours truly.

Lovely Shoes & Lovely Ladies

It was nice finally getting out of the house and surrounding myself with a drop of glitz and a pinch of glam. Yes, it's true I was dropping dead from sleep deprivation and I could not remember the exact date of the last time I washed my hair (Yes, I know, glamour is my middle name. Or is that lazybones?) but I knew that I could always distract from all these things by pointing to the fabulous shoes and yelling "Oh my god, look at that heel!" as I subtlety exited stage left.

If you like the shoes as much as I do, you can check them out on their spanking brand new website.

Photos via Stella's blog, Il Passo.


Let the Sun Warm Our Fingers

The last outfit photos I took before the weather decided it was gonna take cool to a whole new level and bring out a miniature Ice Age on our city. They're a reminder that the sun once shone and I could still leave the house without three sweaters on.

I wore this on an outing with Alice, when we had coffee and talked about our undying love for anything and everything related to Supernatural. Apparently nothing brings two girls together better than a mutual appreciation of demon hunter brothers, Chevy Impalas and nerdy angels ;)

Let the Sun Warm Our Fingers

Wearing: Mango dress, Zara shoes & bag, fake wayfarers, Killah skull bracelet, Tissot watch.

Let the Sun Warm Our Fingers


Home Is Where the Pie Is

I also fell in love with butter again. Not very good for the waist or for the cholesterol, but really good for those nights when the wine is exquisite and the peaches are ready to be cut up, sugared up and snuggled in yummy dough.

Home Is Where the Pie Is

Recipe adapted from Joy the Baker


Assassin's Creed & Jeans

Like I've mentioned, because the temperatures have gone from One Does Simply Fry in Mordor to Hello, Welcome to the Arctic, High-Five the Penguins for Us with the speed of the hadron collider, the weirdest thing has happened: I have fully accepted jeans into my life, even if rather cautiously.

As you probably have noted, I'm a skirts and dresses kind of girl and rarely venture away from them. But I have to admit, not only do they keep my butt warm when the winds are threatening to freeze the word, it is also nice to finally not have to sit down all lady like. Sometimes I need less Audrey and more Brando in my life.

Assassin's Creed & Jeans 39802011_09Assassin's Creed & Jeans_30

New action figure added to The Boy's and my collection: Assassin's Creed's Ezio

Assassin's Creed & Jeans

Repeat after me: comfy!


And in case you ever though I am a mature kind of person who has her life perfectly together (I don't know where one would get that idea, even if it has occasionally happened, but so rare, like an eclipse or mysterious spotting of Dodo birds) I give you the one and only photo to sum up my time during the Pediatric rotation:

Pediatrics (Or Who's the Kid Again?)
Future doctors! :))

And because we are the Pillars of Maturity™ we even actually gave the toys to the kids. After playing with them ourselves. But only for a little while. Like an hour. Ahem, look, a bunny!



Cristina B said...

You're so much fun, I love your blog! And you've got loads of style as well!

Anaivilo said...

I am also a fan of Tony Stark, so know-it-all and so full of himself, brilliant! When will I get to see you? :( Please do come to the Absolutely Fabulous Fair in the 6th of November, I am looking forward in seeing you again, that is if you feel the same :)) Hope I don't sound like a stalker.

s a n d r a said...

heiii :D thanks a lot for the lovely comment! I'm blushing *.*

yay, I love the pics. those sandals are looking soooo good with the dotted socks. now that's a comfy chic outfit. love it!

Ioana Liliana said...

That looks like so much fun! And honey, you look fab!

The Hearabouts said...

Yeees, we miss you, come meet us at the fair. I regret not being able to get to the Il Passo event :(.

Anywayyy, your pie is haunting my daydreams, I bet it was yum! And you're cute in boyfriend jeans & dotty socks :)


Daiane said...

Haha, loved the paragraphs about the pediatric rotation! Bet that was fun!

And love the photos of you in jeans too, that pair suits you so darn well!


P.S. I always look fwd to your posts, so funny, long & entertaining!

Kisses, again!

TheMadTwins said...

Wow, you are so beautiful! Ö
I adore your dress and the lovely pînk sandels underneath Ö Also your bag is very beautiful¨. I want everything XD


Gear said...

like your blog! follow each other? xoxo ;)

Alice in vintageland said...

I DO get you!!! Oh and that f*****g cold, I bet they didn't even discovered the kind I had/ still have and that you probably got. I'm so not ready to be all mature and stuff! Also.... I guess I kinda lost you to medical school for a while!!!!!!!!!!!

Special K said...

You are beautiful! Love that summery outfit 8->

Dial V for Vintage said...

I love your dotted socks, they're so cute! :D

lifeisamaze said...

Great post !

Alisa said...

I love your hair and there's so much energy on the photos :)
I'm your new follower.

Anonymous said...

Doamne, ce blog frumos! Nu ma mai satur rasfoindu-l. Iar tu esti asa de frumusica.

Fashion Tidbits said...

awww that's so nice of you guys to do that. i'm sure the babies appreciated it a lot!

meelusha said...

hahahahahahaha, love your writing, perfect for the delicious cup of caffe au lait I am enjoying right cinnamon yet:)

funny that I also have the urge to start baking sweet pies during this chilly time of year and spen more time at home...but it never happens!

nice event at Il Passo and to get together like that, would love to meet up some time!


P.S. Thanks for the lovely comments on my blog, glad we share same red headed likes :)

Lidiya said...

WOW! Your are absolutely gorgeous - I just adore your hair, stunning colour! <3

Hope Adela Pasztor said...

Great blog! Looks like a fun event. =)

paledivision said...

Love the photos!
PS. Your zara envelope-looking bag is soo pretty! I want one. ):

Caterina Salvietti said...

Hi, really nice blog! :) you’re so stylish!
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Anonymous said...

I'm obsessed w/ your hair!!! Love the polka dot socks and shoes!


Stephon said...

Lovely blog nice discovery

Tub@ said...

Hi! happy days!:) Loves from Turkey!;)

Iulia Romana said...

Ce dragute sunteti toate :x Si imi plac la nebunie ambele outfituri - mai ales al doilea, cel comod !