Sunday, 27 November 2011

"I want to drive you through the night, down the hills."

Better Than Blood in My Veins
Those awful mornings when you have to wake up really, really, ridiculously early to study but you end up shoving your phone under the bed and sleeping until half the city is already halfway through their to-do list while you are a groggy, comatose mess. Well, at least coffee tastes great regardless of the hour.


Pediatrics has been kicking my ass, that's all the news on this side of the blogosphere. The kids are adorable and it sometimes takes all I have to not pick one of them up and run away yelling "Mine mine mine mine!" (I'm looking at you, cute ginger kid from a few weeks ago, oh my god your tiny little nose and your cute freckles still make me melt in a pile of goo!) but I suddenly understand why my mother, with 30 years of medicine under her belt, still cringes when she hears the word pediatrics.

But I feel okay about that, because even though I still can't hear anything when listening to their lungs - except for the waaaaaahhhh when they're freaked out from the stethoscope - and even though I am constantly nursing a cold because they always sneeze right in my face, I still love it. I think this is what Stockholm Syndrome is all about :))


Got to drop by the Absolutely Fabulous Fair and managed to not see any of the clothes but spend all the time giggling with Alice about our love for Supernatural. We even caught poor Anaivilo between our fangirling but she proved not just sweet but incredibly stoic and put up with us bravely ;))

Fabulous Fair

Anaivilo's great shoes and tights combo that caught my eye.

Fabulous Fair Fabulous Fair

Meet Andreea for the first time and ooh-ed and aahh-ed over her purchases. Alice managed to garner my respect again because, unlike my mental hangups when it comes to it, she can wear rings like it's n one's business.

Fabulous Fair

Got to meet Costin M. for the first time and also saw the fabulous The Hearabouts girls and Laura, who all looked amazing - as always. Check out all their blog posts for more photos; trust me they're all worthy of your undivided attention!

Fabulous Fair


A week spent in the house studying of course lead to other things. I read one glorious book (The Elegance of the Hedgehog by Muriel Barbery - I recommend it!), cleaned my room almost every damn day and found pencils and books I though lost in the cave that I call my room, watched half a season of Firefly and cried when I remembered that's the only season (might have been sleep deprived by then, blah.) and enjoyed food like a medical student can only enjoy when she's sleepless and procrastinating.

Food Glorious Food

Add to this a steady diet of spinach tagliatelle, fresh parmesan cheese and delicious Belgian chocolate my mother got as a gift from some friends who visited this November and you've got... well, to be honest a girl who thanks the lord she got blessed with good genes (thanks mom!).

Food Glorious Food


Okay, so take a bunch of medical students bored out of their wits, add a couple of hours before a class where they learned more than they ever needed to know about schizophrenia (a.n.: dear mother nature, thank you for blessing me with a normal brain chemistry, I owe you one.) and then you just need to tell them they can visit the Antipa Natural History Museum for free and our collective IQ suddenly drops by exactly 43.7%. True story.

Dinosaurs And Other Fun Stuff Too

Dinosaurs And Other Fun Stuff Too Dinosaurs And Other Fun Stuff Too
Giant giraffe. How could we not play with it? How, I ask you!

Dinosaurs And Other Fun Stuff Too

Wearing: Mango dress, H&M shirt, Accessorize tights, Musette boots.

Dinosaurs And Other Fun Stuff Too

It was also the last sunny day of the year. I think that fact will excuse our behavior, don't you agree?


As the weather cooled, I've moved from actually spending time outside to dedicating my winter to a permanent vegetative state. That includes getting snug as a bug in a rug with a good book or my Kindle, watching a lot of movies (Drive! The Boondock Saints! Crazy Stupid Love! The Incredibles! Tron!) or ridiculously bad-but-so-good tv shows (The Walking Dead, how I missed your discussing self!).

And of course Sunday brunch with The Boy :)

Sunday Brunching

I was freezing here. But I had also a) drank a Mimosa at 11am and b) found out Mimosas are alcoholic so I was past the point of giving a tiny rat's ass :))

Sunday Brunching

Wearing: Mango coat, Kotton dress, Musette boots, Zara bag, Alice & Sara headband, vintage bracelet.

Sunday Brunching

Sunday Brunching

(Got purple highlight. Cause that's how I roll. Will hopefully be able to show them off some more next time. If I don't turn into a giant sloth as soon as December knocks - or, more likely, bludgeons down my door in party hat demanding all my body heat and mental capabilities.)

Sunday Brunching

Sunday Brunching Sunday Brunching

Drool worthy American pancakes. And Mimosas. With alcohol. Before noon. My liver will one day sneakily leave my body while I'm having a food coma nap, I can just feel it.

Sunday Brunching



Anaivilo said...

My dear it's always a pleasure talking to you, you are a delight! And that photo with my shoes looks great! :X Lovely and funny photos :D

Anonymous said...

you look so cute and! It's always a pleasure reading your blog!


Your blog always makes me hungry on top of feeling like shopping. Your hair is the perfect Auutmn accessory. I swear the shade is better than Taylor Tomasi's! ;)

And yay to Chris Pine men, usually those "hotties" don't even know how good looking they are and never would whistle.. darn!


alexasferle said...

Where did you eat those awesome and yummy pancakes? <3

xoxo, dania said...

youre such a great person! youre doing so much!! everyone should be so proud of you :)

Style Servings said...

Love the look of all that jewellery and the colour of your hair is just.. Amazing!! Goes so well with that headband!

Jazzy E (Hivenn) said...

Simply amazing. x hivenn

Sharon Robinson said...

I have just bought that book from a charity stall
sheerly cos the name made me think of cute hedgehogs!! It's next on my reading list. Xx

Jo said...

The jewelry all looks so amazing! <3 I especially adore your flower crown!

Lost in the Haze: Fashion Blog

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euphoricfashion said...

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