Thursday, 15 December 2011

"We come from the land of the ice and snow, from the midnight sun."

When I die and my life flashes before my eyes, I think the only things I'll see will be books and tv shows and movies. And probably this exact end of the couch.


I know this might be just the exhaustion and the cold and the winter-which-is-bad (winter-which-is-good has reindeers and lights and fluffy Charlie Brown snow) and the hypoglycemic crash after the sugar high but: I cannot wait for the Christmas vacation to be here so I can do like a brain burrowing parasite and tunnel my way to the middle of my marshmallow soft duvet and take shelter there until February, only coming out for air or to change the show I am watching.

Yes, normal people's expectations and dreams are skyscrapers, mine are the tiny pebbles that inhabit the bottom of the Mariana Trench. But I heard it's nice down there, all quiet and most importantly a perfect place to sleep. Because I am sure that if I hear the words congenital heart malformation again I will act all PTSD and jump behind the first piece of furniture I see and curl up in a ball.

(For a person who doesn't get it, I sure do talk about sleep a lot, don't I? That would be sad if... no, wait, yeah, it's sad).


Cooking Days and Nights

The Boy and I spent some time in the kitchen this week, either for cooking scrumptious, complex meals that we could pair up with a nice bottle of wine and a re-watch of The Boondock Saints (how completely amazing, silly with a hint of berserk and deranged is this movie? I love the Boondock Saints and you can roll your eyes at me but I can't help loving perfect movies with the perfect hint of gratuitous violence.) or lazying it out and eating cereal out of the box.


You know what works well when you're just a tiny bit hungover? Improvised photoshoot!

Like Morticia Minus the Death

Like Morticia Minus the Death

Wore this to my darlings Roxu's birthday party which was a great night of dancing and drinking and of food runs at 4am and saving pigeons. That last part if not a euphemism.

Like Morticia Minus the Death

Like Morticia Minus the Death Like Morticia Minus the Death

What's the point of having a long, flow-y skirt if you don't get to swish around in it?

Like Morticia Minus the Death

Like Morticia Minus the Death

The cardigan I bought just because it had sparkly pockets. I guess this is the reason why I am not allowed to have a credit card.

Like Morticia Minus the Death

Wearing: Zara skirt, Mango tee and necklace, Kotton cardigan, Musette boots.

Like Morticia Minus the Death

The purple hair I mentioned. I feel like the teenager me is proud right now. (Well, proud as she can be when she's not sulking in a corner listening to Linkin Park because no one gets me, god!)

These are the earrings I won in the MySelvagedLife and Pansy Lane giveaway. They are ridiculously gorgeous and I thoroughly recommend visiting both sites :) Thank you so very much again for making my jewelry box a happier place.

Like Morticia Minus the Death

(Deep down, my mother regrets buying me this skirt as gift for St. Nick's.)


Speaking of hair, I was so pleased to be invited to test out a new hair care line from Newtone. I got a mail from the lovely Alina asking me if I wanted to try the new line of hair care - shampoo, conditioner, special lotion and vitamins - designed to help nourish and regenerate the hair. All the products contain special ingredients to help with any dry scalp problems or hair loss and make hair a little bit happier.

And the good part? They smell divine ;)

Pretty Hair
Hand written note. I am a sucker for hand written notes. Want me to do something? Just send me a card and I will be clinging to you like a leech to a warm body part :))

So I tried them out and really enjoyed it. Because I am the perfect example of a faker than fake red-head, my hair has suffered profoundly after two years of dyeing and my scalp is usually very dry and I am scared one day I will wake up with no hair because my hair follicles will just get up and leave instead of suffering through one more bleaching at the salon (my hair is very outspoken, you see.) so these weeks of treatment did it good.

The treatment really did wonders to my scalp, no more dandruff and dryness from the second washing. Though I will be honest with you, I have spent this time mostly inside the house, in my PJs with my hair in a tight bun and forgetting to comb it for days on end so I'm not sure about the hair loss (glamorous med student up in here!!) but I think I did notice less hair on the brush when I did have to leave the house and do my Rapunzel moves :))

The only thing it did not solve were my hair ends, which are usually dry as a mummy at the British Museum. But I do not think it was not for the lack of trying or from a bad product, but because my hair ends are the ones that have suffered the most bleaching and dyeing and are naturally either brittle most days or soft-ish in a good day. I am sure the treatment would be ace for people who don't put their hair through a blow-torching ever 4 weeks :) But I have to admit, my hair did feel a bit more smoother and shinier after a few washes so I do give it a thumbs up for breathing a bit of life in my fake fiery mane.

All in all, it's a very good product and would wholeheartedly recommend it for anyone out there who wants to take care of their hair better than I do. It's nourishing and I think perfect for your hair if it wants to survive the cold weather.

Check out their site here and enjoy: Laboratoarele Newtone.

Pretty Hair


Purple a la Prince

To quote my mother: "If your hair didn't looks like a transvestite dancer's before, it sure looks like it belongs on stage now." And yes, I am taking that as a compliment because my mother always means well. Mostly(ish).



chantelle c said...

You look fantastic, darling! I'm loving the purple, even if your mama hasn't taken a great liking to it :P

Happy holidays! Get some sleep!

Anonymous said...

your posts are always fun to read! especially since they hold so much information :)

Kopi Luwak Suryana said...

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modniza said...

Merry Christmas,my darling! pup

Nadia said...

Love your outfit... and the whole post really!!

black unicorn said...

love love LOVE the hair! It's a really amazing mixture of colours here. And the outfit's gorgeous too!