Friday, 12 August 2011

"Every nerve and every cell, they gotta fight to stay alive and well, I'm in a world of chronic discontent."

We Just Clicked
Note to self: stop googling "when is the appropriate time to drink wine in the day" because that search will, quite surprisingly, take you to Bible sites. Instead, just pop open the bottle and enjoy the fact that it's evening somewhere in the world and all is well and dandy.


I would like to take this opportunity to thank my liver. It has been very nice to me this summer, giving me as much alcohol dehydrogenase as I need and patiently bearing my newfound love for wine and candle-lit nights in the garden. I fear this summer will leave me without a tan and probably even tired than before but I think it will all be worth it.

In this past month I've realized I enjoy wine more that I thought and respect grapes a bit more for they are fruit of the gods and bring happiness on movie nights. I've also finally succumbed to my love for trite and cheesy reality tv and started watching Project Runway, and I now feel the need to end all conversations with a Heidi blank face and an "Aufedersein".

Oh dear Gods, hold the wheel, cause I am going down that path of intellectual summer inertia. Y'know, when too much food and too much wine and, especially, too much time feels like someone turned down the oxygen flowing to your brain and you're left with creative and cerebral asphyxia? Yeah, just like that. I'm thinking about blaming my SPF40 face-cream for the lack of tan and my obsession with sitting inside and reading comic books all day for everything else.

(But really, the X-Men: Schism and Hellblazer comics are really good!)


This might also be the year I overdosed on superhero & sci-fi movies. I think I've seen almost all of them, with the exception of Cowboys & Aliens which is not actually a superhero movie but a movie about cowboys fighting aliens with Indiana Jones and a naked James Bond but it's not the time to be caught in all the details.

But all of them have been actually really good. Thor proved that if you want to make a good movie about a nordic god who is really compensating for something with his giant hammer (Thor, hun, there's a moment when you reach the whole too obvious line and you walked past it a long time ago!) your best bet is hiring a Shakespearean director.

Green Lantern did not take itself too seriously and that was in its best interest. Because, to paraphrase Sheldon Cooper, you can't be too serious about yourself when you're the kind of superhero who can be killed using a common household No.2 pencil.

Super 8 took everything good about all those Spielberg alien movies from the 80s and 90s, added some better special effects and a very intriguing story and a pinch of J.J. Abrams's lens-flares and made me feel like I was a kid again.

Captain America was as corny as the original comics and, compared to everyone else in the cinema that night, I adored it. Honestly, the guy is a political creation with the subtlety of a freight train, so I didn't expect anything less that cheesy and cornball.

And, last but not least, I saw X-Men: First Class about 5 times this summer. Mainly because I do adore the X-Men in all their manifestations, but if I were to be honest to myself it is really because my reaction to Michael Fassbender's and James McAvoy's on-screen love fest is along the lines of "Your faces! Many hearts and love for your stupid faces!!". Really, the movie's tagline should have been "Heterosexuality was never an option".


But I was glad to find out I am not the only one to think such thoughts. My tv-show twin Alice joined me on one of my X-Men movie days and we spent the entire two and a half hours giggling and making kissy faces whenever Professor X and Magneto where on the screen together.

We Just Clicked

She also had some wicked rings, as always. She makes me want to buy truckloads of rings and roll around in them, whispering "My preciousssss".

We Just Clicked We Just Clicked

Wearing: Hugo Boss top, Zara pants, Nine West heels = lazy man's outfit.

And then we had an improvised photoshoot. But that isn't a surprise.

We Just Clicked

And I showed off how proud I am of my crooked tooth. Take that mother, I told you I'd grow into my all-teeth-and-gums smile!


I think most of my posts this summer will have to include other blogger girls as I have met up with them more in the past month than in the past year. And wow, I should have done this earlier, as I always seem to have the best of fun.

Photoshoots, nothing but desert for lunch, wine and awesome outfits from Alice, Denisa, Sandra and Eve. Yup, excellent day was excellent.

We Just Clicked

Wearing: H&M Men tee, Zara skirt, Nine West shoes.

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I am prone to hug attacks, beware.

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This is us posing.

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And this is us cracking up like schoolchildren when hearing a dirty joke. We're multifaceted like that.

We Just Clicked

We Just Clicked

Girls and desert go together so well, methinks.

We Just Clicked

In this past month I also got to meet Koko (who is ridiculously pretty and has the most amazing makeup skills), Laura and Alina and now I am convinced that this summer is the most fabulous I've had in a long time if I keep up with this meeting-fab-people thing.

Also, big hello to the really nice girl that I met last Thursday at the DoR event. I'm sorry if I came out as awkward but my usual reaction to people telling me they like my blog is to make high-pitched sounds of happiness and pounce on said person with a massive hug, and I've been told that that is both alarming and considered assault in certain cultures. But hello, totally made my night :)


And it can't be summer without the lazy weekends spent picnicking in the back garden.

To Drink and Not Care

Swapping dresses for jean shorts and baggy tees, and heels for decade-old flats.
(Gasp and shock, but yes, I do own flats. But they really are mostly decade old and tired and used only when my outfit consists of scrubs.)

To Drink and Not Care To Drink and Not Care

Wine and no make-up days, the former to distract from the disinterest (the kind that only creeps up on you on weekends) that led to the latter.

To Drink and Not Care

My body so hates me for this summer, but hey, at least my mind is in a happy-go-lucky, stupefied daze.


Song of the Day: Concrete Blonde - Violent


Anaivilo said...

I am alsooo in love with the X-Men series and the last one with James McAvoy was indeed a delight! I absolutely loved it!:D :X Well, I am sure you had great times with the girls, they are all amazing!:D

Poptartlr said...

Hmmm..perhaps a drinking game played with wine during Project Runway? I am watching the Australian version at the moment - not quite as good as Heidi and Tim (my have!), but we do have Alex Perry and his sunglasses (which are permanently glued to his head, even when it is sunny and he should be wearing them), and his habit of calling everything 'expensive'.

lifeisamaze said...

Beautiful outfits !

Special K said...

You look so cute, love the flowery skirt :D

Btw, am fost la Harry Potter....cried a bit, I won't lie :)))

Cecille said...

seems like you had an excellent time, beautiful girls!!

Rusydina Tamimi ♥ said...

what a beautiful day with your friend, is it right ? :)

Baby Budget Blog said...

Loving your hair color and that skirt! Thanks so much for the comment on my blog!

Istituto Marangoni said...

nice post, thanks for sharing...