Wednesday, 17 August 2011

"Oh well, the devil makes us sin, but we like it when we're spinning in his grip"

Building Ourselves a House
You can't put a couple of people in a house with paint surprise and not expect things like this to happen.


Give me a holiday longer than a few days and I get temporally confused, lost like a TARDIS is the space-time continuum and all that, turning good days into Sundays and bad days into Wednesdays because Wednesdays always manage to catch me of my game.

But because of this time coma, this week has taken me totally by surprise. And this week is special because right now I am exactly 12 hours away from boarding a plane to Amsterdam, enjoying all that city has to offer (Vodka Museum FTW!) and then hopping on another plane to Paris where hopefully I will get drunk on good wine next to the Seine and make it to the Rock En Seine festival. Boo-yah!

Summer, you're one cool chick this year.


And, me being me, this is how I spend my last few days in the city: painting a room. The Boy wanted to redo the living room and I wanted to scratch "paint a room (or at least use a paint brush once in my life" off my bucket list.

And apparently, you don't just paint it. There are different paints and wall primers and brushes and it is a far, far more complicated thing that I initially thought. Another career option I need to let go of in case the whole med thing doesn't work. Sigh.

Building Ourselves a House
We wanted Bordeaux red. We ended up with purple. Thank god it worked with the room.

Building Ourselves a House
Too much dust. At least I got a clear idea of how I'll look with graying hair.

Building Ourselves a House
Our lungs still hate us.

Building Ourselves a House Building Ourselves a House
Maria, the palest kid I know got even paler.

Building Ourselves a House

Building Ourselves a House
Because I have a stalker-ish feel of heights - the kind of fear that stays hidden in the corners of my mind until I'm actually at a reasonable height and then, pam!, it pounces - of course I was the one forced to use the ladder. Of course.

Building Ourselves a House Building Ourselves a House

Building Ourselves a House
My laptop suffered in our need for music.

Building Ourselves a House
But not as much as The Boy's hair :))

Building Ourselves a House


But, 4 days later, and it was all worth it. It's a really amazing feeling to look around a room and know you did it.

Building Ourselves a House

I still can't feel my finger tips and legs. So, I'll be leaving the rest of the house designing to other people. You know, people who actually know what they're doing and who have the physical condition for something more that typing on a computer all day.

Building Ourselves a House Building Ourselves a House

Wearing: Mango skirt & top, Nine West wedges, vintage earrings, random bracelets.

Building Ourselves a House

Building Ourselves a House

You can't even tell I was sleep deprived, right? Right, guys? Um, guys? Pfff, never mind, I can sleep when I am dead.


Also, lesson of the week: cheap, 2 dollar nail polish is the best thing ever invented since bread came sliced and Star Trek phasers were first set to stun.

Building Ourselves a House

Will hopefully be back alive and well, with many pretty new things, chocolates and hopefully, not too hungover. Hopefully being the key word here. Behave my sweets and see you all in two weeks, when I will have many photos and fun stories to tell ♥



Special K said...

Cool pics, girl! I did my room also. the paint, the wooden floor.. :))

Anaivilo said...

Great color on that wall!! You did a great job ;) Lovely photos and I sooo envy you for going to Paris!! :(( Take me with you!

StylePicks said...

Nice outfit!


D. said...

Have fun!

HS said...

beautiful is pain hahaha, look your bautiful room and the pain, remember that haha


meelusha said...

wow, what a daring DIY project! I totally understand what you were going thru (also painted walls with my mom), but the feeling afterwards is just great, when all sweat is wasched away :) you can really be proud! beautiful color


SoooFashionable said...

A iesit super fain...imi place contrastu intre culoarea canapelei si perete:))

The Tame Lion said...

Wonderful! Awesome!
Nice post! Nice pics!

mestizay said...

Perfect ginger hair! I totally like your pretty style.;)

C. said...

"My laptop suffered in our need for music."

Maybe you should wash your hands before using that piece of technology.

Istituto Marangoni said...

nice post, thanks for sharing....

Chantelle said...

Update us... come baccckkkkk

Alexandra Rotaru said...

Cute . Love the wedges