Monday, 18 July 2011

"The thunder of the drums dictates the rhythm of the falls"

Fangirls of a Feather
Very close to turning these into breakfast, lunch and dinner throughout all of summer. And a side order of cupcakes just for the hell of it.


Summer vacation. No, no, wait, I need to hear that again. Summer. Vacation. Yup, that's the sound of a choir of angels singing and dancing in circles around my head. After what's been a too long of a school year, summer is here and I am ready to enjoy it to the max.

Which means I give myself a couple of weeks before I'm bored out of my skull and trolling or begging doctors to please, oh please let me lurk around hospital corridors and shadow them like the clingy little creature that I am.

But so far everything is all double rainbows all the way. I've been sleeping like a sloth, finally tackled my To Read bookcase and marathoning tv shows and movies while eating abnormal amounts of junkfood. If there's a Heaven, this is it. (Us med students are too easy to please.)
I also marathoned Harry Potter and I am getting so excited about Deathly Hallows Pt 2. If I had a wizarding hat and a wand I would be wearing those all day while bouncing up and down going oh boy, oh boy, oh boy but I am trying to act all mature. Mature-ish. That's it, until I get to the cinema, then it is buh-bye to maturity cause I've been waiting for this moment even since I were a kid. Woop woop!


One amazing part of having all this free time all of the sudden: I get to meet up with amazing people. And I do mean the sweet and funny Alice. We met up twice and the first time we spent a ridiculous amount of hours talking about our love for Supernatural, Matt Bomer in suits, british tv shows and, really, just tv shows in general.

Don't you just love it when you can just click with someone? :-)

Fangirls of a Feather

Improvised photoshoots in the middle of one of the busiest city squares are always much more fun when it's all for blogger bonding, don't you think?

Fangirls of a Feather Fangirls of a Feather

Wearing: Zara blazer and pants, H&M bow tee, Nine West heels, Musette bag.

Fangirls of a Feather


And I'm taking this opportunity to thank Alice for letting me tag along to the way too enjoyable for words Starbucks coffee date with her, Denisa, Anca, Stella and Mina who is currently back in Romania for her own summer break.
I can't even describe how wonderful it was to be sitting at the same table with all those lovely, witty and extremely chic ladies ♥

Starbucks & Blogging

I am such a fangirl, I know. This was me trying to surreptitiously take photos of Mina and Denisa.

Starbucks & Blogging

Denisa, Stella and Anca looking fabulous.

Starbucks & Blogging Starbucks & Blogging

Starbucks & Blogging

Starbucks & Blogging

It was so hot that day that even my short and backless dress made it insufferable to stay out in the sun. Apparently Romania's seasons are Gloomy & Rainy and Scortching & Sunny, with a few moments of Normal stuck in between.

Starbucks & Blogging Starbucks & Blogging
Alice and Stella.

Starbucks & Blogging Starbucks & Blogging
Anca and yours truly.

Starbucks & Blogging
Alice always has the best accessories, hands down.

Starbucks & Blogging Starbucks & Blogging

But of course it can't be a blogger meet up without a shoe fest so awesome it will have a fashionista drop dead from too much awesome.

Starbucks & Blogging Starbucks & Blogging

Starbucks & Blogging Starbucks & Blogging

Starbucks & Blogging

Thank you Alice for this wonderful photo ♥

Wearing: Zara dress & heels, vintage bracelet.

Starbucks & Blogging Starbucks & Blogging

Starbucks & Blogging

Starbucks & Blogging Starbucks & Blogging

Starbucks & Blogging

My summer vacation is turning out to be better than I expected.

(I do miss my scrubs though. Just a little. The iced lattes and good books will have to fill that hole, I think.)


Song of the Day: Woodkid - Iron


Alice in vintageland said...

We have the same vision of heaven that's for sure! And I can see our girlmance going places in the future, can't wait for tomorrow and the movie. I'm also mega excited for Harry Potter and I'm totally gonna rewatch all the HP movies twice before going to see this last one (the drama), maybe squeeze some reading too. Love ya! Kisses:)

Anaivilo said...

Uh uh! I so love Harry Potter as well and I saw the movie and it was simply sensational! I cried and laughed at the same time when the credits appeared and everybody left the theater (I really don't understand the rush). I was somehow paralyzed , not believing that my childhood and adolescence was over, now I have nothing more Potter-related to wait for, and it's quite a empty feeling.
You and the girls look amazing! I so wanted to be there as well, and I am sorry I missed the meeting. Your dress is very sexy, I really love it! ;)

SoooFashionable said...

Faina intalnire:)si tinute deosebite!

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Anonymous said...

Love love love the red pants and striped blazer combo! Looks amazing! Great blog, very inspirational.


decimal shoes said...

love your outfit dear :D

Dial V for Vintage said...

You black dress is gorgeous, I love the open back! :)

soft said...

great pictures thank you for sharing

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Misha said...

Oh dear enjoy your vacation! I felt so depraved by mine, it was like I had no time to vacate, I needed a vacation from my vacation. :P Love that dress missy, very sophisticated and hot!

Kathleen said...

Really love your hair and your look !

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