Thursday, 23 June 2011

"If they don't put me away it'll be a miracle"

Cherry Trees Mean Summer
Reason #256 why I want to have a house with a garden: watching trees blossom and then give delicious fruit perfect for plucking off trees and popping in the cocktails I drink while lazying in the grass. Thank the gods I crash at The Boy's house so often that I can sit in his garden whenever I want.


So Cardiology rotation has been an overwhelming mixture of fascinating, intimidating and scary. But the exam was okay, I still like it and all the motivation that I had all year has been drained out of me after all those sleepless nights. Oncology rotation passed by in a blur - fascinating but I don't ever think I could ever do this - and the Orthopedic rotation is proving to be the peak of my laziness.

I can't believe it's the school year and June and I'm not begging for death. In the past four years I've been so used to having exams all through July, to staying indoors and developing a bald spot from the place where I hit my head with the books I should be reading, to living off coffee and sugar, that this clinical year has knocked me over a bit.

Don't get me wrong, I love doing a rotation and then having an exam, and then rinsing it all out and pressing repeat but with a different specialty, but this means that 2 month long exam sessions are a thing of the past. And I am actually walking outside, in the sun, with people, in June.

It's like throwing a very antisocial bat out into the daylight. So excuse my flapping around, all flabbergasted, and asking stupid questions like "You mean I can sleep? I can go to movies? I can read books? Like, literature books that don't have the world dilated cardiomyopathy in them?" and than glaring at you suspiciously when the answer is a resounding Yes!

Medical school, ruining a person's abilities to interact socially since the first people figured out how to splint a leg using two twigs, a palm tree leaf and some spit.


So, all that free time.

I have been using it to read, to watch too much E.R. for my own good and to sleep like the dead during the day and stay up late on Tumblr 'till my fingers hurt.

Saw Thor (might have joined the chorus of girls wolf whistling when he walked on screen with nothing but a pair of jeans on), and X-Men: First Class (I don't care what people say, that was a McAvoy/Fassbender love fest!) and Pirates of the Caribbean 3 (Johnny Depp, saving movies he's in since he was born). Consequently, have gotten a bit rounder from all the popcorn :))



Also spent an hour on Sunday at the Femei pe Matasari urban festival. Managed to get a charming crabby red tan on my knees, of all places, and spent all my time either at the Decat o Revista stand or playing with the cute animals who were there to get adopted.

Almost grabbed a kitty and ran with it, mumbling Mine Mine Mine Mine!! Unfortunately for them, I want an English bulldog or an Egyptian hairless cat and The Boy wants an Alaskan malamute, but I lack a garden and we both lack time. Sigh. But I would have so kidnapped that puppy if I knew I could take care of it. Just look at that face.

Matasari Matasari


I don't drink Coke. But. When they make the bottles look so very oldschool and pretty and make me think thoughts like "Oh boy, they're gonna make for some wicked vases for flowers or candle holders!" you know I will suddenly want to drink Coke and own the entire collection.

I'm a whore for packaging. I'm sure Coca Cola is making millions just from people like me.

Love a Cute Package Love a Cute Package


Evenings sitting on the balcony, drinking wine or whiskey, and reading really great books. It has never felt like summer, like calm and pleasure, as it does in those moments.

It's in the Details

The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, really amazing book. Now I really can't wait to see what David Fincher does with it.

It's in the Details Cherry Trees Mean Summer

The Boy's outfit looked especially poised and cool that day.

It's in the Details


Cherry Trees Mean Summer

Okay, I admit it, I did not drink it all. I just made everyone else drink the hyperglycemia bomb and I stole the bottles.

Cherry Trees Mean Summer

Cherry Trees Mean Summer

I can only pretend I am a natural redhead in the first week after visiting my hairdresser. After that, the brunette comes out and the jinx is up, alas!

Cherry Trees Mean Summer Cherry Trees Mean Summer

Cherry Trees Mean Summer

Cherry Trees Mean Summer

Fresh fruit make the days brighter and better.

Cherry Trees Mean Summer

Cherry Trees Mean Summer Cherry Trees Mean Summer

Wearing: Hugo Boss top, Zara skirt, Adesgo tights, Nine West heels.

Cherry Trees Mean Summer


Song of the Day: Brand New - Jesus


The Hearabouts said...

Hey, good to have you back!
Ohh my, the animals are so cute...that kitty is adorable, Sandra would have definitely run with it :)). I am more of a French bulldog or an Egyptian hairless cat person ( no one supports me on that second option ).


Anaivilo said...

Nice to hear from you again! It's nice that you can socializae now, haha, I don't think I would make it through medical school.. yayks. Love that skirt and the photos!

D. said...

Oh, I long for the summer you're talking about...

a bit coquettish said...

An update! I've missed your posts - but any time to indulge in guilty pleasure shows (mine's SATC, I'm such a cliche, I know) and lots (!) of reading is well warranted.

Wishing you a great weekend ! x

ambra said...

love the skirt !!

Baby Budget Blog said...

Love that watercolor skirt against the black tights! Awesome! Loving your blog and your style! Follow each other?

Anonymous said...

love the vibrant red of your hair, goes well with the cherry :)"what to buy">

Yry said...

nice skirt and lovely hair colour :)

Medstudent Barbie said...

I love this:

"Medical school, ruining a person's abilities to interact socially since the first people figured out how to splint a leg using two twigs, a palm tree leaf and some spit"

Great to find a blog that's all about scrubs and heels;)
Love Serena

กาแฟสด Aorabika Coffee said...

Sawasdee ka.

I come to visit naka.

lily. *-*