Monday, 16 May 2011

"I was born a charming man with silver tongue."

Birthday Weekend
What? Even stuffed sheep enjoy a little bit of sun from time to time.


This weekend was like the first shot of tequila after a day when you missed your bus, got honked at by the garbage guys but ignored by the cute nerd at the coffee shop after you accidentally poured said coffee on your new white shirt and then spent a day at the job banging your head on your laptop which, by the way, stopped working as soon as you walked in. And like, free tequila. Because the bartender feels pity for you but still, yeah, free tequila!

Because this weekend was my birthday. Even though I realized twenty-three is much closer to twenty-five than to twenty, I decided to take my mom's advice ("You are disgustingly young so shut up, suck it up and eat your damn cake!") and enjoy what was the best weekend ever :D

It was a weekend with sushi, good drinks, a lot of hugs from my too awesome for words friends and rubber duckies :-) It was just the thing I needed during these mean and daunting times of trying to translate my cardiology books into a language I can understand. Thank god for friends ♥


I decided to hold on to the tradition and turn Sunday in a day of staring at the ceiling, sitting in the sun and panicking just inside my head and not taking it to the level of actually curling up on the floor in a fetal position and sobbing. That's only reserved for Mondays to Fridays.

Birthday Weekend
And photoshoots in my birthday outfit!

Birthday Weekend
And I did not fall flat on my face once. Take that gravity, ha!

Birthday Weekend

Birthday Weekend Birthday Weekend

Birthday Weekend
This is Vasilica. I love sheep, they're stupid and fluffy and completely adorable and I collect all sorts of sheep toys so she was the gift bearer of the night :)

Birthday Weekend Birthday Weekend
We bonded.

Birthday Weekend

Birthday Weekend Birthday Weekend
Of course a day in the sun cannot be complete without my sparkly, bug-eye, diva sunglasses that even Bowie would be jealous of.

Birthday Weekend

Wearing: Zara dress & shoes, Mango sunglasses, unknown brand tights.


Birthday Weekend

And the piece de resistance, my ultimate birthday presents was this MacBook Air. Right now, this tiny little laptop is traveling over seven sees and seven mountains and seven blah-blahs to arrive at my door and be loved forever and a day. And you know what this means? I will be playing World of Warcraft all summer, booyah!!

So many thanks to my mom, Alex, Andy, Maria, Ioana, Irina, Florin, Roxu, Tudor, Florina, Anna and Cristi for the incredible work they did in plotting this. Yeah, yeah, all my friends rock, I know.

♥ ♥ ♥

Birthday Weekend
And when I though my birthday was over, I was surprised with this absolutely perfect necklace from Hilkee and Flo who rock more than 99.9% of the world's population, and that's including The Rolling Stones ♥


Birthday Ducky
The last thanks go to the bartender at Saturday night's club for the rubber duckies. My Cosmo tasted surprisingly better all night.


Song of the Day: Astronautalis - The Wondersmith and His Sons


Cecille said...

Beautiful presents!
Happy Birthday! :*

Anaivilo said...

Gorgeous look! I really love the dress, it has a amazing color and the heels are very very lovely! And Happy Birthday dear one!! :D

sara l said...

i'm in love with your hair!!!!
oh and happy birthday! :)

Sara said...

Happy Birthday! You look absolutely stunning and I love your tights, best I’ve seen in a while. The dress and shoes are also incredible. The MacBook has to be the best present ever, 23 is super young, you’re beautiful, funny and smart so yeah, life is good! Kisses:)

Wednesday said...
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K said...

Happy birthday! I absolutely love your tights, they make you look like you've got alien legs (but in a good way!)

K xx

Chantelle said...

Happy belated birthdayyyyy!!!
You look great, btw!

lynnette said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAYYY!! :DDD (belatedly) wowww sounds like you had fun!! congrats on getting the macbook air! such a great present! but of warcraft?!! hahaah you've got a 10 year old boy in you somewhere!

anyway that dress looks lovely on you! it definitely complements your red hair :D

D. said...

I know I'm late, but happy birthday!!

Syed said...

Belated Happy Birthday!!!! Hope you had a lovely time dear. Love those tights :)

Pansy Lane said...

I am in LOVE with your hair and those patterned tights! <3

Gal Meets Glam said...

that dress is beautiful on you! I love your blog, now following!


in Aie's shoes said...

New follower here! I'm glad to have discovered your blog! =)


Hanna said...

oh wow I love your tights! beautiful photos

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Sherrie Cola said...

Love the blue ring :)