Tuesday, 26 April 2011

"We used to be blinding."

A Monday Like a Sunday
I love wearing heels especially in days when I can get rid of them fast, snuggle up on the couch and enjoy a day of movies and scrumptious food :))


I love Easter. I love it because Easter usually means a whole week of holiday and lazying around and yummy food leftover from the big Easter party. So yeah, one of my favorite times of the year even if it includes me being dragged to church when I'd rather sit at home and watch mindless tv shows. I have a bad relationship with the midnight church service ever since I lit a girl's hair on fire a few years ago and then proceeded to panic and yell and smack her over the head to put the fire out. Ah, good times.

My mother always loathes taking me with her ever since I realized the fun I can have by telling people the reason why I don't pray is because I serve only one dark ruler and master and that is God of Chocolate, Cupcakes and Apathy :))

Alas, my plans have been made for me by my Cardiology rotation. I need to get up to date with all cardiology related biochemistry, pharmacology, anatomy and physiology I've learned and quickly forgotten in the past four years.

And if I can also get a brand new brain too to help me memorize all that, all will be peachy. Any Einstein around here who would like to donate a fully functioning brain to a poor medical student? I'll even take just an hemisphere, I'm not picky, I swear!


Because I came to the conclusion that I've been spending too much time in front of a computer, on the couch or in hospital rooms I decided two things: a) start going to the gym again and b) spend time in the sun more because I'm starting to resemble a pale and flabby cousin of one Mister Edward Cullen.

I came to two conclusions: I hate the sun and am deadly afraid of getting sun spots or skin cancer (I blame you, medical school!) and I am so out of shape that one hour of Tae-Bo means not being able to move for one week. I was this close to yelling at people I'll give them a kidney as long as I get a piggy back ride up any flight of stairs.

But! But I am trying to enjoy this spring. By having photoshoots! Win-Win for all!

A Monday Like a Sunday

A Monday Like a Sunday

Wore a bowtie in preparation for the brand new season of Doctor Who. Because bowties are cool and if you think differently that just means that you're just too uncool for real cool.

A Monday Like a Sunday A Monday Like a Sunday

A Monday Like a Sunday
This is Fred, he's my skull pendant who unfortunately suffers from severe exophthalmy :))

A Monday Like a Sunday

Bowties, still cool.

A Monday Like a Sunday A Monday Like a Sunday

A Monday Like a Sunday

In case you still didn't believe I'm a giant nerd: I am the proud owner of a Doctor Who sonic screwdriver, Eleventh Doctor edition. Boo-Yah baby!!

A Monday Like a Sunday

A Monday Like a Sunday A Monday Like a Sunday

A Monday Like a Sunday

A Monday Like a Sunday

Wearing: Mango dress, sweater & skull pendant, Accessorize sunglasses, unknown tights, Zara shoes & blazer, Gourmandise bowtie.

A Monday Like a Sunday


Spent Monday as it were a sublime Sunday: watched Doctor Who and Scrubs, did my nails, ate like the food was about to disappear from my plate in the next second and read anatomy books while The Boy played Starcraft 2.

A Monday Like a Sunday A Monday Like a Sunday

Can every day be like this please?

A Monday Like a Sunday A Monday Like a Sunday

Wine and magazines brought especially for me from Italy. Being spoiled from time to time is not so bad ;)

A Monday Like a Sunday

And, last but not least, Eye of Sauron marshmallow candies. Mmmm, I love the taste of fictional evil in the morning.


Song of the Day: You Me At Six & Chiddy - Rescue Me


Cecille said...

i adore your outfit!!

Théa Unknown said...

Lovely outfit, I like!

Théa Unknown

Misty Chaos said...

I love your outfit!
So pretty ♥

The Hearabouts said...

This post's so overwhelming that I don't know what aspects to comment :P. I'll refer to them step by step:

1. The outfit: Loveee it! Don't floral prints and spring days just go hand in hand? :P

2. Your texts are funny, but I'm sure you know that.

3.I hate being exposed too much to the sun, as well! I guess the sun is not very fond of me either, therefore it causes me allergies.

4. Your exophtalmic skull pendant is cute!

5. I want to browse through those magazines!! O_O ..envyyy

6. Yummeh, marshmallow-shaped eyes. Or was it the other way 'round? :-?

Ok, enough from me.

chicqua said...

Love your dress:-)so pretty..
Much love,

D. said...

I love the blazer!

Terri said...

beautiful outfit and I can tell from the props that YOU are interesting!

Mandy said...

Absolutely adorable!
Thanks for sharing, I enjoyed the visit. :D

black unicorn said...

that dress is gorgeous! thats all :)

a bit coquettish said...

I wish every day was like your perfect little weekend/Monday! Gorgeous photos!

I've been a massive fan of your blog for a while - the writing, the wit, the photography. I figured I'd let you know (: Haha!


Carolyn said...

I love your leggings!

Silver MLM

Alexandra said...

tights and sandals are amazing ! that's point one !

and point two : that mint blazer made my day !<3

alexandra @

Sarah H said...

First stop at your blog and I LOVED it - especially the sonic screwdriver :)

cristina petre said...

you look gorgeous, the outfit is so lovely!

Box Moon Babble said...

I love the tights + dress together! Great outfit.


Raspberry said...

Adorable! Great shoes, love it!! XO Raspberry & Rouge


Zornitsa said...

gorgeous photos, you look like a fairy!


10ThMuse said...

la multi ani, tot ce-ti doresti! xx

Emmett Katherine said...

love the colours in your outfit, very pretty :)

lin said...

this is soooooooooooooooooooooooo gorgeousbridal jacket

Lulutu Geller said...

Oh, the screwdriver. I want one so bad! :)) I want all of them, but I like the one Eccleston and Tennant used, even though Smith can do more with his. Vad atat de rar fete care se uita la Doctor Who. None of them appreciate the classics... Bravo! :)