Saturday, 16 April 2011

"I'm a runaway son of a nuclear A-bomb."

Mondays Are Diet Days
Considering I sometimes live on Red Bull, caffeine, cigarettes and sugar, I am trying to score some good points with my future doctor and at least enjoy a healthy breakfast. I might be a hypochondriac but at least I know for sure I will never die of avitaminosis :))


Cardiology is the equivalent of bashing one's brain with a pillow wrapped around a brick and still loving it to bits at the end of the day. Every day is just a way to prove that as much as we think we know we are still as dumb as a sack of potatoes when it comes to a lot of stuff in the grand medical scheme of things. Still loving every minute of it though ♥

I am so tired that I spent yesterday doing nothing but sleeping and eating (seriously, babies should stop crying and complaining, this is the best. life. ever!) but I am enjoying it all so much, to the point that the "Guess the Diagnosis!" game I play with random strangers in the subway in the morning has gotten much more interesting with the added cardiovascular option. High-five! Anyone? Anyone? No? Damn.

Now I just need to get my head on straight and figure out EKGs. Damn them squiggly lines.


Next Stop
This is what my darling Roxana calls our "modelling pose", I call it our "girls will be girls" pose :))

Spent a lovely Friday night at the Next Film Fest. Saw three really good shorts (Six Shooter, West Bank Story and The Mozart of Pickpockets) and loved them all even if we left before the end because the need to eat overpowered our need to watch movies. Let me tell you, midnight drives in search of hummus and wine do make weekends that much better.


A Lovely Bunch of Coconuts

Sunday was spent eating and watching tv shows. The Boy bought a coconut and then proceeded to bash it into submission while I pranced around the kitchen singing the Monty Python song.

A Lovely Bunch of Coconuts A Lovely Bunch of Coconuts

Sunday Fattening

Because some days are made to be lazy.

We also went and saw Sucker Punch. I read so many bad reviews but I personally loved it. I didn't go in expecting a movie about the answer to the question of life, the universe and everything (I'll go read The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy for that) and it was just what I wanted: a fun, thrilling, kick-ass movie that, even with some of its really glaring mistakes, was very entertaining. I'm all for girl power and honestly, if I could fight dragons and zombie robots while wearing thigh-highs and heels I would love every moment of it :)


And of course one week cannot go by without an improvised photoshoot. Sunny days are still the equivalent of the Holy Grail around here and that means I am milking every ray of sun for what it's worth.

Colorful Like Chemicals

Colorful Like Chemicals

I'm amused by the fact that my posing face looks almost exactly like my I-have-been-sleeping-just-3-hours-a-night-because-I've-been-going-through-all-the-seasons-of-Black-Books-in-one-night face. Hmm.

Colorful Like Chemicals Colorful Like Chemicals

It was also one of the last days last week when my hair looked okay. I am currently looking like a poodle who has been bathed in a bathtub with a toaster because of the daily rains. It's the kind of sacrifice I make for the chance to wear my favorite wellies :P

Colorful Like Chemicals

Colorful Like Chemicals

Still had that Monty Python song in my head :))

Colorful Like Chemicals Colorful Like Chemicals

Colorful Like Chemicals

Colorful Like Chemicals

Wearing: Depot 96 dress, Mango sweater, Accessorize tights, Musette boots, vintage belt, Parfois bracelet.

Colorful Like Chemicals


Song of the Day: Skunk Anansie - Search and Destroy


Théa Unknown said...

You have a great outfit!

Théa Unknown

Anaivilo said...

OMG that dress is unbelievable! The print is so gorgeous, love this outfit on you ;)
And yes, warm days are indeed like Holy Grail here, haha :)))

lynnette said...

Hi!! :D Aww I've missed reading your blog!! Your photos are getting better and better! I love the very first one of the berries... yumyumyum. That angle is really pretty.

And how'd you like the coconut?

:) I find it comforting how you probably understand how I feel about things in medical school too... it just gets so tiring sometimes doesn't it? Haha and I'm quite the hypochondriac myself... currently trying to exercise more because there's more time during the study period before the exam rather than during the usual school term...

I'll definitely be checking back!! :D And now you've made me wanna watch Sucker Punch too haha

The Hearabouts said...

Great dress, love the print and the tights just go perfect with it.

I had my doubts with Sucker Punch, as well, due to all the mixed reviews. But i think i will give it a go cuz a girl action movie is always fun to watch.


Bombchell said...

nice blog. 1st time on it & i like it, witty and cool pictures.

hmmm maybe I'll consider sucker punch

*chameleon* said...

hey sweetie,this is fantastic outfit,dress is gorgeous and i like the necklace!:) excellent style,beautiful hair and really interesting blog,follow u now on bloglovin!have a great day!!!:)

Théa Unknown said...

Your dress is so cool...

Théa Unknown

cristina petre said...

love the outfit, that dress is so pretty! great shoes, too!

Zornitsa said...

the boots are perfection!

lin said...

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cccris said...

so pretty and delicate...