Wednesday, 6 April 2011

"Now hang me up to dry, I'm pearly like the whites of your eyes"

Med Students Can't Party
When buying gifts for medical students follow these rules: a) has to have to do with anatomy/physiology/any other gross-and-weird-ology and b) if it says something like "For kids of ages 3 years and up" on the box then we have a winner!! Because we will screw around with it any way possible and love it.


It's a weird day when you come to the bleak conclusion that when you find out you have a free week of nothing to do but lazy around your first thought is "I wonder if I can score some nice night shifts at the hospital?". I think it's some sort of separation anxiety given by the fact that I've finally finished my Pulmonology rotation and am now ready to throw myself (or, as it usually
happens around here: fall blindly while clutching my heart like a Victorian wench) into the new and heart-stopping exciting (ha ha!) Cardiology rotation.

At least the last month has been interesting. Here's to you patient who thought it would be a good idea to cut your central line with a pair of household scissors and then put a band-aid over the hole. Or to you, lady who used her inhaler by spraying it in the air around your head. And even you, the lady who apparently threw her boots at our attending doctor.

What can I say, people tend to get more and more special with each new rotation. I think I should be worried... but man, these are going to make some great stories on future drinking nights :))


Med Students Can't Party

We proved that birds of a feather stay together when one of our own future M.D.s celebrated her birthday. What! We're not immature, we just stay forever young ;)


The weekend brought forth sunny days with freezing cold nights but I decided to focus on the whole vitamin D production thing and lazied around in the sun like a comatose lizard. And took some photos to share with you and prove, once and for all, that I did not fall in a dark pit of despair and dashed hopes, but that I am really just an extremely dallying drama queen at heart. Ha!

It's Me, Spring

It's Me, Spring

This is one of those sunshiny days when the line "My glasses! My glasses! I can't be seen without my glasses!" seems to fit the scene/photo just right.

It's Me, Spring It's Me, Spring

I was joined by my lovely Florina who sort of unconsciously kicked my ass in lessons of posing. Either that, or she's just preposterously pretty. Hmm, will go with door option number two!

It's Me, Spring

It's Me, Spring

Improvised photoshoots, for the win!

It's Me, Spring

It's Me, Spring It's Me, Spring

dress & blazer: Zara, scarf: Pull&Bear Men, boots & bag: Musette.

It's Me, Spring

Cute, but it sure gets cuttingly chilly when you are missing half a dress. Sigh, the lengths we will go to and the cold we will get for The Pretty, capitalization required ;)

Now back to my viciously exciting life. And by that I mean back to watching reruns of Scrubs because it's an early tradition to go through an obsession with that show and JD is so my spirit animal. And back to sitting in bed reading about Atherosclerosis and Myocarditis . Why? Just because I'm bored and weird, that's why :))


Song of the Day: Cold War Kids - Hang Me Up to Dry


Alice in vintageland said...

I so love your every article, not only for the beautiful photos and outfit inspiration but also for the witty and funny texts. How cool is your backless dress and those baby blue tights …and Florina’s skirt?!!! And the stories about the patients – hahahahahha, I guess that’s a bit wrong (to laugh I mean) but, man, the things people do!:)

Anaivilo said...

OMG dear, good luck reading all those medical stuff! Are you going to the Absolutely Fabulous Fair on the 10th? Looking forward in seeing you there :D

Syed said...

I really want a skeleton like that on a necklace. Love your scarf :)

Shoe said...

I love your outfit! The subtle shading of the colours really makes it!!!

Vivid Virginia said...

the scarf is my favorite :D soooooo nice :D

Cecille said...

love so much the colours of your outfit! beautiful!

LA said...

Nice layering! Love everything with skulls!

psss win a foxtail by Dolls Kill! GIVEAWAY IN MY BLOG! ;)



That little skeleton looks like it would easily eat up a lot of my time, playing with it. hahah, so cute. Especially during a boring lecture... ;)

These shots are so stunning. I love and still wish for red hair as perfect as yours. The coat in periwinkle blue looks amazing against your hair and skin tone.

Don't be a stranger <3


nookie said...

creepy patients...I can't believe people do that...
You and Florina look amazing!

Berta said...

great first picture!

Chantelle said...

HAHAAH i always love your posts. They're rare, but clever and packed with fun anecdotes. Hope everything is going well on your end. I wish I could have a coffee with you and hear all your crazy patient stories. I'll be starting the skin diet in May, and I'm crazy scared I won't keep up. There's so much COOKING involved! JESUS!

Théa Unknown said...

You're look so pretty :)

Théa Unknown

lynnette said...

aww I love how you share your blog with your friends and take outfit shots together... sigh i still haven't really mustered up the courage to tell my friends about my blog! ><

OMG to that patient who cut her own central line!?! that is so so scary... Were you doing a house call or something? What a nightmare!!

And eee omygosh I would not really want a little skeleton for a toy... ;p

lynnette said...

haha hey which is your favorite medical tv series?? i haven't really followed any before! Maybe I should watch ER; I've heard it's like the awesome original series that started the ball rolling...

btw, how did you break the news about your blog to your friends? :p Like did they know about it from the start? Did they tease you about it? I'm really hoping to share my blog with my friends but I don't know what they'll think!