Tuesday, 8 March 2011

"A thousand throats, a thousand lungs."

Tabu Oscar Party
There's nothing I love more than cocktails except cocktails named after some of my favorite movies. Hello hangover, pleasure to meet you.


The weather forecast for this March seems to be sunny with freezing temperatures just so it will confuse the hell out of me and make me become a foster home for common cold germs. I feel as nature is having a hell of a laugh as I sit under a mountain of blankets and drinking my weight in tea. My week of vacation has come and gone, and then another week of boring courses and two exams has come and gone and here we are. Pass me the paracetamol, please.


But lets not forget the freakin' Academy Awards! You might have noticed that I am a bit of a movie freak so when I got the invitation from the nice people at Tabu to join their Oscar themed party I ran out the door as fast as I could! And then checked myself and just walked briskly because I was wearing really high heels and the ground was very frozen and just screamed broken bones! broken bones! at me.

The party was the most fun I've ever had. We found our little gang, commandeered an entire section of the cafe for ourselves (the one with the big tv and the delicious food, of course!) and then started the night long debates on who would win what.

And even though I felt that David Fincher was robbed by not getting the Best Director award (and don't even get me started on the fact that Chris Nolan wasn't even nominated, pffffff!) I will refrain from ranting on here because I don't want this post to end up 100 pages long.

But Jesus!Bale got his Oscar and was hilarious as usual, Jesse Eisenberg looked like he was gonna have a heart attack every time the camera was on him, James Franco dressed up like a very manly and very high woman and Cate Blanchett looked like the elf goddess that she is so in the end I could let go of my list of Things Anna Disapproves Of But Seriously Where Are My Nolan And Fincher Oscars Dammit and just enjoy the show.

(If you do have a death wish and want to hear me rant just call 1-800-CRAZYFANGIRL and sit back because I can talk about my love for Jesse E, David Fincher, Nolan movies, Bale's weird beard, Colin Firth's accent, Blanchett's dress and why I think How To Train Your Dragon was the best thing ever for hours and hours on end. First 60 minutes are free and then you will be charged in lattes and popsicles.)


I am sick as dog right now and been living on a couch for three days, ingesting all sorts of medication and cursing the guy that invented the flu, so you get photos of me when I looked not-dead and happy and wasn't coughing up a lung.

Tabu Oscar Party
The Boy and I, all dressed up and ready for the cocktails :)

Wearing: Mango dress & sparkly jacket, Guess bag & shoes (courtesy of solestruck.com), Accessorize tights.

Tabu Oscar Party
Here you get a before photo of the cafe...

Tabu Oscar Party
...and an After photo. At this point all high heeled shoes were toed off, all the food had been tasted and the cookies were being passed along from chair to chair.

Tabu Oscar Party Tabu Oscar Party
The Inception cocktails (vodka and cranberry juice, yum!) were delicious and many were had that night.

Tabu Oscar Party
I was being quiet for a moment, surprisingly. If this photo had been taken when Sorkin and Reznor got their awards you would have seen been making high pitched dolphin squeals and bouncing around.

Also, how funny is it that from now on the man who used to sign the most fucked up songs will from now on be referred to as an Academy Award Winner? The 15-year-old me is giving you an, albeit bewildered, standing ovation Trent ♥

Tabu Oscar Party
Yes, they really were as good as they look.

Tabu Oscar Party

Tabu Oscar Party

Photos from: Tabu & Dada@AloModa

And yes, I did go from there to my uni courses and was a walking sleep deprived zombie (times zones, you are not cool!) but it was worth it.

Now, where's my hot tea and blanket?


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Anaivilo said...

It seems like you had lots of fun!! And yoy looked so stylish dear...perfect! :D Loved your sandals :X

Cecille said...

You were stunning!!!

10ThMuse said...

Buna Anna, merci frumos. din pacate m-am cam certat cu fotograful deci no more photos for/with me :D
imi cer scuze ca nu prea comentez, iti citesc blogul dar sunt lenesa. esti foarte tare cum reusesti sa faci atatea in doar 24 de ore. eu am doar un job full time si ma consum toata :))
mi-ar face placere sa ne cunostem, de abia astept sa avem ocazia. te pup si succes in toate.

ps: la multi anni! ;)

10ThMuse said...


Alexandra said...

nice,nice tights. <3
Looks like you had fun.

Did I mention I have fallen in love with the color of your hair ?

alexandra @

black unicorn said...

I do so love your new header thing. And those cookies look delicious!

Glenn said...

Looks like tons of fun! I love those cookies!
Glen Woodfin

Chantelle said...

Girl.... why are you so cool? Haha. I hope you're feeling better. I absolutely abhor being under the weather. Our march has been just like yours; sunny and bitingly cold. Merde. =(

Ola said...

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blue roses said...

looks like a blast! cape cods are amazing cocktails as the weather slowly warms...


Syed said...

Heck yes to Trent winning an award, it was well deserved. And I do love that sparkly jacket.


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Yevgeniya Yelkina said...

really great photos, love your look


PhotoLeoGrapher said...

Hm... vodka... yum!

Alina F. said...

Superb blogul!Esti foarte frumoasa! I m your new follower!


Jane Alisa said...

Wonderful pictures, yum cocktails. xoxo