Friday, 18 February 2011

"Where'd you learn to shoot without restraint?"

Theater Seats & Cigarettes
You know you've been spending too much time inside when creepy statues appear in the city center and you don't even notice them until a month later. Need to start walking around more.


This has been one interesting week. Started my oh-so-very interesting courses about tuberculosis and the only good thing I have to say about those is thank god the hospital is close to my house so at least I can walk there. So far all I've learned is that, and I quote, "TB is everywhere. You can get it from trains, planes and taxis and you will surely get at as you are med students doomed to prowl infested hospitals for the rest of your lives!!". Wow, thanks for that dear professor. It wasn't like I wasn't a big enough of a hypochondriac as it is.

I also finally finished my Radiology rounds and can I get a Hallelluja for that? Got to spend a whole day lurking around a hospital and sitting on the floor while getting pitiful looks from doctors. Surprisingly, still not my lowest point as that was that one time when I spent an afternoon sitting on the morgue floor and getting pitiful looks from passing doctors.

But I think it all turned out okay. Still can't read an X-Ray to save my life but the exam is over and done and I am officially on holiday for one blissful week.

My plans? Visit Cluj, sleep, eat, watch Hawaii Five-0 (of show, how can you be so damn ridiculous and amazing at the same time, how?! I blame the fact that your lead characters act like one very old married couple and I love them as they love each other ♥) and go through a long list of films. Yes, for me, this means living it up so judge away young grasshoppers, judge away.


At least the mother was kind enough to buy me theater tickets. Saw one bad play (Tectonica Sentimentelor), one good play (Cui i-e frica de Virginia Woolf?) and one play that had me bawling my eyes out but in that "oh my god you are so amazing an perfect and here have my heart on a silver platter" kind of way (Ingropati-ma pe Dupa Plinta)

If you're in Bucharest and get to see just one play this year, make it this one. It will ruin any other play for you because it is the closest thing to perfection you will find on a stage but go. I promise you, you will not regret it!

Theater Seats & Cigarettes

Theater Seats & Cigarettes

Wearing: Mango coat, Zara tee, Furla bag, Musette shoes.

Theater Seats & Cigarettes

Bits and pieces from the night of the very bad play. At least we got some air.


Theater Seats & Cigarettes

Theater nights were spent carrying around Radiology books and feeling guilty for going out when I was suppose to be studying but not really, because I'm a procrastinator like that.

Theater Seats & Cigarettes

Theater Seats & Cigarettes

Theater Seats & Cigarettes Theater Seats & Cigarettes

Theater Seats & Cigarettes

Theater Seats & Cigarettes

Theater Seats & Cigarettes

Wearing: Mango dress, Zara embellished vest, vintage brooch worn as necklace, Alice & Sara headband.


Song of the Day: 20-20s - Shoot Your Gun


Cecille said...

hehe am vazut si eu "cui i-e frica de virginia woolf"! a fost funny :) iar vesta ta este incredibila, imi place foarte mult!! :X

colorsdiary said...

tocmai cautam o piese de teatru la care sa merg, fenks :)


Anaivilo said...

Uh uh I so love the details on that jacket! And the headband..devilish gorgeous haha! :D
Have a great time in Cluj!

Sara said...

That jacket of yours is amazing and you look great with the silver spikes headband we made. I have to see Hawaii Five-0 as well, just seen the first two episodes but for some crazy reason I’m hooked. Med school sounds like a blast (evil grin), I guess there is no graceful way to learn how to heal people so you might as well get pitiful looks from passing doctors. You’re crazy funny !:)

Marion said...

What brand and color is your minty nailpolish? It's gorgeous :)

BornConfuzed said...

What camera do you use?

Syed said...

Absolutely loving that sparkly vest!

Chantelle said...

I hope your petit break went well! I'm on mine at the moment; just downloaded Amelie, Rushmore, and Lolita to keep me company. *le sigh*
I love your embellished vest, btw. It's luxe-rock-oppulence. Wicked ;)

PhotoLeoGrapher said...

Hei... dă-mi o idee... Fashion and Glamour... Sau zi-mi care e cea mai cea de pe blogul tău, viziunea ta...

Hanna said...

I'm halfway through med school and I sort of still believe everybody who can read an X-Ray are in reality simply faking it... :) hehe.