Monday, 24 January 2011

"Frostbite and heartsickness, ain't neither of them so bad"

Sale Is a Word I Like
It is imperrative I study this week. And of course that means I spend enormous amounts of time doing anything else. You know course work is boring when I prefer spending time with the god-forsaken character from Doctor Faustus. I am planning on doing in victory dance when the guy dies.


How I became an expert procrastinator:
+ I watched 5 seasons of Gilmore Girls with the intensity of a sugar addict in a candy store
+ Made it my life goal to become an expert pencil-on-nose balancer
+ Watched all videos of Andrew Garfield and Jesse Eisenberg being adorable in their bromance without the b. I really, really loved The Social Network.
+ Do a lot of P90X yoga and balance all the relaxing "ohhhhmss" with even more relaxing swear words. Still can't feel any muscle in my upper body.
+ Shopping. Sales. Be still my beating heart.
+ Imagined the perfect spring holiday in Paris. Fingers crossed for me? I would love to spend my February roaming the streets of Paris and eating macaroons, yup.
+ Read any book by Oliver Sacks I could get my greedy, manicured hands on. Neurosurgery & good writing = ♥
+ Long rambling phonecalls with other procrastinating medical students. Bless our short attention span.

Okay, it's time to burn some neurons with books. Woop-woop?


Lunch dates with The Boy at the office are a good way to escape the mind-numbing boredom of days spent doing gastroenterology rounds.

Lunch Run
It was also the last time I got to wear my heels before the blizzard swept over the city. Snow is not fun once Christmas is over.

Lunch Run

Lunch Run Lunch Run

Wearing: Kotton dress, Zara Men sweater stolen from the boy, Zara belt, Musette booties.

Lunch Run
You can't even tell I've been all buddy-buddy with insomnia all week, can you?


At least the sales are still going on. Nothing like spending money on things you don't need to cheer a girl up.

Sale Is a Word I Like Sale Is a Word I Like

Especially when one buys sandals and soft jackets when it's snowing like it's the end of the world outside.

Sale Is a Word I Like



perfume or said...

hahaha you're hillarious - the tag "mcsteamy better be worth it" always cracks me up!
those shoes are drool-worthy.. more pics please!! :)
i too have been working hard on developing my under eye bags - pharmacology is so much fun.. :-/ and i too have a stack of books (real books! not college-related!) that wait for me.. gosh i wish it was march already.

Cecille said...

The Social Network!! nice movie :)

Always Something said...

I am so jealous of all those intriguing looking books! And headphones! And shoes.. but that's obvious...

Bets best best luck with studying, I know it is damn near impossible, but every now and then you learn a think or two.

Anaivilo said...

Oh I saw The Social Network too.. Indeed a good movie.. and I love those Zara sandals. I must also say that I adore your skirt in these photos. :D

Chantelle said...

Looking goooood. I completely agree with the snow comment, once christmas is over it should automatically start getting warmer...not colder. And snowy. UGHHH!

Daily Dose Of Glitter said...

HI! Love your blog! Come check out mine and FOLLOW!

Daisy said...

Good luck with your work!!

John said...

Wow! That was a very good set of clothes your wearing and the idea of becoming busy in the office was nice.

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De Vero said...

Lovely skirt you have! love your pictures as always!

veronika, tick tock vintage. said...

i love you pretty red hair and your frilly skirt. i'm a big believer that wearing springtime clothes makes spring come faster. hopefully your sandals will help.

BABI said...

i love your skirt and shoes!!! :-)


Valentina A. said...

LOVE YOUR STYLE BABY!!! cool blog!

Farhan said...

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