Monday, 17 January 2011

"Out of the dark and into the light, when the morning comes I will be alright."

DoR Party


After almost a month of Gastroenterology internship I can safely say that if I ever see one more abdominal X-ray or one more goddamn gastroscopy I will hang myself from the existent ceiling fans with a stethoscope. I am sure some people might find cirrhosis interesting but I only find certain things related to it interesting (ie: recreational wine drinking during recreational movie nights). Bad joke, I know.

In other news, I am not a nice little girl when I am sleepy and I have a tendency to use too much sparkly nail-polish when I haven't had my coffee in adequate amounts shot directly into my jugular. Yes, this is the kind of amazing quality content you will get from this blog until my exam at the end of the month, oh yay!!

So, Bloglovin anyone?


But! But yesterday I was invited to the fun Decat o Revista party and that was the perfect opportunity to relax, meet new people, enjoy the company of old friends and eat the most delicious brownies I have ever tasted.

DoR Party
Made by the talented Jo. So delish. Like I said yesterday, the phrase "I love it so much that I wanna take it behind the school and leave it pregnant" fits just right.
Recipe here. Trying it this weekend :)

DoR Party DoR Party
The delightful chocolate chip cookies that went perfectly with the savory teas.

DoR Party
Do I have you drooling yet?

DoR Party
I'm trying my best "hope you slip on a banana peel and fall under a guillotine" look.

DoR Party DoR Party

Dress was a gift from mom. I adore the detail on the one shoulder and I did need a new little black dress. It amazes me how I love dressing up very girly and colorful during the winter but as soon as the first rays of spring sunshine hit the ground I'm all "Weee, Black Widow time!!".

DoR Party

First day in a month when I could say without any sarcasm in my voice: my hair looked good.

It's the little, narcissistic bits that count ;)



nookie said...

you're so so so funny!!!
aww and love "hope you slip on a banana peel and fall under a guillotine" look♥

Daiane said...

now i understand my own obsession of painting my nail toobrightandsparklyanything! i need either sleep or more coffee :))

Anaivilo said...

Very funny. You should be a writer or journalist or something. But saving lives is more achieving :D

Alice in vintageland said...

Your hair does look AMAZING. Can we all say “God bless Good hair days!!!”. I love the black widow/redhead temptress on you:))))

Thekla said...

lovely post you look great :)x check it out if you want we can follow each other xx


hilarious, love the dress and necklace :)

great posts!

Shoe said...

I love that pendant with that dress. I know people must tell you all the time, but you're beautiful!



Anna said...

Hey, I just wanted to let you know I gave your blog an award on my blog:

I love the color of your hair. :)

Chantelle said...

DUDE! You're freaking awesome. I love reading your quirky science-infused posts. Makes me want to go to medical school (why it takes so long for us to start in North America, is beyond me.). Hope your next few months go smoothly with school.

And you're right.

Your hair looks dead sexy.

xxxandra said...

Oh I love your hair!:)

NoFaceFashion said...

Umm, hello! Stii ca tu ai fost la mine in bucatarie si nu stiam ca asta e blogul tau pana in fix acest moment?! :))) Blame Corina MS.