Wednesday, 12 January 2011

"Dark rings around your eyes are fashionable"

Bits of the new year
The day after New Year's Eve. Caffeine is the best friend of the hungover boys and girls.


2011 is here, January is breezing along and I still cannot get used to dragging myself out of bed every morning and moving my butt to my fascinating (coughcough) Gastroenterology internship. I think that has to do with the fact that I can never seem to get to bed earlier than 2 am. I blame my obsession with Gilmore Girls and wine glasses.

I blame my lack of posting to my lack of an interesting life. Both The Boy and I and almost everyone I know have been slumping in so hard that you'd think we were training for the Special Lazy Olympics. Oh winter holiday, why did you have to be so fun but only at night, you heartless wench!

Good part: I've been reading a lot. Bad part: Not any of those have been school books. But I'm still not freaking out, still have a few days before the exams start knocking on my door.

Zen, baby, zen.


My camera has been used a bit, so here are a few bits and pieces of my lazy-a-thon life.

Bits of the new year Bits of the new year
Rare sunny mornings and sparkly nails to welcome January. A lot of time has been spent on the couch going through a very, very long list of need to watch movie: Never Let Me Go (so beautiful and so sad!), Black Swan (mindblowing and freaky), Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs (so very cute but not to be watched on an empty stomach), Jonah Hex (not as bad as I was expecting), The Social Network (I now have the biggest crush on Andrew Garfield), Salt (really enjoyed it!), Dinner for Shmucks (funny-ish but at least is had Paul Rudd).

And now that I've written them all down I suddenly realize why I haven't been very productive this year.

Bits of the new year
New additions to our action figure collection.

Bits of the new year Bits of the new year
My perfume collection is getting out of hand but no one can say no to Burberry's The Beat. I also plan on wearing too many colors this year.

Bits of the new year
The Boy got a new tee. I steal it from time to time because I am convinced the Cookie Monster is my Spirit Animal.

Bits of the new year Bits of the new year
Edgar the Fake Skull and Doctor McCoy are still feeling the Christmas mood.

Bits of the new year
New headphones. Mom thanked me dearly as she is this close to throw herself off a building if she hears the Tron Soundtrack one more time.

Bits of the new year Bits of the new year
I'm growing an avocado. Or, I think I am. Apollo still hasn't shown any signs of being alive or dead. I also got ridiculously excited over my new colored scrubs. Salmon pink and violet, wee!

Bits of the new year
I'm also feeling Christmas-y.

Bits of the new year

I'd also like to introduce you to the new member of my family, Jeff the Kindle. The Boy completed all the adoption papers this Christmas and he arrived on January the 8th. He is the most perfect little thing ever and is now filled with tons and tons of books. The only problem is that I have to chose which books to read.

Currently reading American Gods by Neil Gaiman. Next up: either the much talked about Mark Twain biography or the much talked about Cleopatra biography. I really do enjoy biographies.



D. said...

One thing I miss about high school: actual winter holiday. Because this college grown up exam thing is not growing on me.

Anaivilo said...

Jeff the Kindle that is funny! But it is useful, I need it too. I think I'll name mine, Loly.

Kempt said...

beautiful! I have missed your blogging - but understand the blahs. xoxo

Richa Annisa said...

i really love your blog! it would really means a lot to me if you check mine :)

PhotoLeoGrapher said...

Un 2011 fericit! A happy 2011! Un heureux 2011! Feliz 2011!

The Hearabouts said...

Hihi, such a fun post!
And yes, i totally get your obsession with the perfume collection (The Beat is a must :D) and with reading anything but school books :))...also i think i'll give it a try to Jonah Hex.

Good luck on your exams!


Alice in vintageland said...

I'm such a perfume hoarder myself!:) And yes I can make a silver spikes headband for you, just let me know! Kisses

Cecille said...

hmm... i'm stealing some movies from your list, and Gilmore Girls are an obsession for me too! ah and good luck with the avocado :)!

colorsdiary said...

i just got some inspiration for the next movies to be seen.tx. biographies are great!



I got a kindle too! They're great! Especially for the gym. Lovely post.

Kate said...

Love the cookie monster tee!! Ahh I'm so jealous of your kindle!!

PhotoLeoGrapher said...

Coffee and cinnamon... Cinnamon and Coffee... Good taste!


I must be very fashionable then jajaja,

love your blog-just started following

Ioana, professional Cinderella. said...

cookie monster is adorable:)

black unicorn said...

love love LOVE andrew garfield ever since i saw the social network. i didnt even think id like the movies but was so glad i saw it, incredible.