Friday, 29 August 2008

"Outfit; We speed along streets on bright pink bullet"


August is over already and for me it feels like like it went too fast and too slow at the same time. One more month and university starts again so I'm hoping it will be very full of movies/theater/books/icecream/sleep-overs so I can fill up my batteries before the oh-so-fun anatomy lessons!

Today went out and had lunch with Minnie at one of our favorite caf├ęs. Best & biggest salad in the city, yes sir.


Minnie had a no photo day so of course I totally ignored her wishes. That's really what best friends with cameras and blogs are for.

Pink Ray Bans from Rome. Big and darling earrings from Minnie <3

Pink belt & headband were todays very cheap acquisitions, hooray.


Improvised photoshoot.


Song of the Day: Boys Like Girls - Thunder


Alya said...

OMG Love your photos! Absolutely amazing. Each and every one :)

Tinkerbell and fairies said...

Love your pink purchases! Wonderful way of wearing the tube dress/skirt with a racerback sleeveless!

Anonymous said...

What a fabulous, fabulous day you had! I adore the back of your tank top, and all of those accessories leave me aching for some colorful ray-bans and oodles of bracelets. So inspiring!
Choubelle said...

very cute! i love those b&w pictures

yiqin; said...

That is a very nice car you are posing at! I love the first photo as well. Beautiful.

Fashion Tidbits said...

cute photos!~

Victoria-H said...

love the glasses :D

Dapper Kid said...

LOVE these photos, and the first picture is wonderful :)