Saturday, 2 March 2013

"And when we wake up tomorrow I'll be on the highway."

TinaR Red
When I was a teenager my I desperately wanted to have colored hair. Preferably blue or green because I thought it would be cool and I was an emo hipster with a crooked definition of cool. I'm happy my mom threatened me she'd take away my Walkman (old!) privileges if I did that and I'm happy too because compared to that, the things I do to my hair now feel at least a tad bit normal.


It's been a week since my vacation ended and my body still thinks 6am is Satan's torture device.

It's been 24 hours since my psychiatry rotation exam and I finally let go of the belief that I am suffering from a multitude of undiagnosed illnesses. Except the OCD thing but that runs in the family and you can't escape genes.

One more day and Vikings starts. I shall love this show even if it is bad. Because if I can love True Blood, I can love anything. (Also: Dear Bill the Vampire, I hope you trip and fall on a wooden fence and let Eric be the star and true king of the south. No love, me.)

Two more days and I have my Emergency Medicine exam. As you can imagine, I am more excited about the show with the killing and stealing of wives than about the exam.

And then a week of reading, yay :) Book of the moment: The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss which I recommend to all.


And now I bid adieu to English, and hello to my mother tongue for a little while ;)

Dupa cum s-a observat pe blogul meu, eu si TinaR suntem bune prietene. Si acum ca a venit primavara (sau ca o sa vina in momentul in care si vremea o sa primeasca memo-ul asta), TinaR a adus o mie si una de rochii ce asteapta sa fie purtate si iubite de noi in magazinul lor online

TinaR Red

Eu mi-am clatit ochii cateva ore bune, cu zeci de tab-uri deschise cu rochii TinaR, una mai frumoasa decat alta care cereau sa fie plimbate prin oras. Pana la urma am gasit-o pe ea si presimt ca o sa ramanem mult aproape.

TinaR Red TinaR Red

TinaR Red

And it gets better: la orice comanda facuta pe site-ul lor, daca introduceti codul FRUMU in casuta de voucher din pagina de cos primiti o reducere de 10% la comenzile de peste 50ron. Enjoy my lovelies :)

TinaR Red

TinaR Red

TinaR Red

TinaR Red TinaR Red

Wearing: dress courtesy of TinaR, Bershka jacket, Zara boots and belt, MaxMara tights, no brand bracelet and necklace.

TinaR Red

TinaR Red TinaR Red

Now, back to the study board. Oh weekends, I still remember when you were days ready to be sacrificed on the altar of bad movies and long books.

TinaR Red



Anaivilo said...

That dress is just gorgeous on you!!I love the bold red:D Good luck with you exams my dear!

Chantelle said...

Good luck on your emergency med exam! And I'm thinking about seeing Vikings over the summer in one shot, since I banned tv shows for the school year this year.

black unicorn said...

I LOVE YOUR HAIR! It looks seriously amazing in these photos, so cool.

Constance said...

What a pretty dress!

Finn Felton said...

You are very photogenic. I liked all the photos. Thank you for sharing and keep it up.

Kopi Luwak

Naomi Hosma T said...

i love you blog. now i'm your followers. will you follow back my blog please

thank you :)

Natwest said...

love your hair colour

William Djahamata said...

great outfit :)
the dress suits you well
you have a great blog by the way
visit mine if you have a chance :)

Artur DobrzyƄski said...

Like Your hair colour... like a lot :) coffee blog

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