Friday, 17 December 2010

"We love till the end of the day"

Repeat after me: sugar crash!


Plans for the winter holiday:

♥ Sleep until I literally evolve into a very close relative of the jungle sloth.
♥ Watch all seasons of the following shows: Gilmore Girls, The Walking Dead, Breaking Bad, Misfits and Life on Mars.
♥ Watch the following Christmas movies: Elf, How the Grinch Stole Christmas, Love Actually and Nightmare Before Christmas, all of which are holiday staples in this house.
♥ Bake reindeer shaped cookies and many, many muffins and gain at least a few pounds by the new year.
♥ Finally read Doctor Faustus, re-read Everything is Illuminated and get my hands on any books by Jonathan Franzen or Phillip Roth.
♥ Debate of the week: is wearing my lovely dresses worth freezing my tush off? My heart says yes, but my running nose and cold, clammy hands say no.
♥ Sing the Chipmunks Christmas song at least 6 times a day. Annoying high squealed voice not an option.
♥ Learn how to make Darth Vader paper snowflakes.
♥ Buy glittery things. Lots and lots of glittery things. An annoying, pathological amount of glittery things.
♥ Re- learn to brave the snowy streets in heels. Yell "This is Spartaaaaaa!" when successful.

Happy holidays everyone :-)


The Christmas lights in the city can only be described by the word kitsch. I personally love their craptastic qualities but others do not share my view. At least we can agree the park fairs are cute...ish, right?

Santa was M.I.A. Lots of last minute business at the North Pole.

Winter Winter
Fun fact no. 237 about me: I have a slight obsession with sheep and plan on building the biggest collection of sheep toys this side of the Carpathian mountains.


Need to buy fluffy winter hat complete with fuzzy ears and dangling pom-poms. Preferably bright pink.


Outfit post! Can't remember where I wore it or why I wore it, just that I did and that the redheaded doll and I had a very important bonding moment. We are now bffs.

Redheads of a Feather

Redheads of a Feather Redheads of a Feather

Redheads of a Feather
She's like my sister from another mother.

Redheads of a Feather

dress & sweater: Kotton, boots: Nine West, bracelet: Asos, watch: Tissot.


New month, new internship. A lot of new moments spent pretending to read books of importance when actually we just search Youtube for funny videos and sleep standing up. Can I get a woop-woop?

Bored in School

Bored in School Bored in School

Bored in School
Nothing cuter that scrubs matching shoes of choice :-D


Trip to Ikea equals buying too many cheap pie trays and that equals learning how to make not-cheap pies.

Drool Worthy

Apple-peach-blueberry pie. Recipe adapted from here. Oh yum!



Anaivilo said...

Oh wow lovely photos! I haven't been to Cismigiu this year, hopefully when I return from my hometown the decorations will still be there. The pie looks delicious! :D
I will drink lots and lots of Christmas-y tea and spend money on new tree decorations! Yey

Daiane said...

are you kidding me? i have already promised myself to watch all the series of the gilmore girls. last year was gossip girl :)) :D

also, i intend to sleep so much that the pillow remains attached to my head. nice plan, huh?


p.s. thank you sweetie for the nice words you left for me on the blog quite a while ago. i haven't got the chance to thank you properly and to send you big hugs! can't wait for your posts, they are terrific, i always have a large smile on my face! :*

Chantelle said...

You're so hilarious! I love your list. I may do the SPARTA yell tonight when I go out. I HATE the cold when I want to wear cute little outfits. Shivering and blue lips is NOT attractive. Gosh darnit!

D. said...

I love your plan! I'll make one myself and hope that studying won't spoil it completely :/

astamicu said...

sunt la zi cu misfits şi the walking dead.
misfits e genial. deja ador serialele britanice :D aştept să înceapă skins. nathan face tot serialul. e genial! şi simon începe să devină interesant.
walking dead parcă s-a schimbat. nu mai e ca la început în ep pilot.

şi am luat şi eu breaking bad...e genial...îmi place actorul şi povestea! mersi mult pentru recomandare :D

cuvântul zilei: genial!

K said...

Just found your blog, and you just found a follower!

Also, you should definitely watch Misfits because it is the Best Thing Ever (well, at least this year).

DeVero said...

Lovely pictures! I like the color of your dress!

Syed said...

There is nothing better than really tacky Christmas decorations! And I am loving that red cardigan dear.

Cecille said...

hehe funny plans for the holiday :) and that pie looks so good!! yummy

Morgan Rose said...

gorgeous images
especially the christmassy ones...perfect!

Kisses M x

Bathbombs and Sequins


MD said...

OMG!Right now I'm wearing same watch as yours. Love it, love it, love it!!!