Thursday, 8 May 2008

"Outfit; White clashing with red eyes"

The highlight of my day today was that I got to touch a real lung and a real brain in anatomy class. The excitement of my life, let me show you it!


My anatomy teacher's wife gave birth to a baby girl this week so we bought him a gift :)

shirt: Polo Garage, skirt: a gift, don't know from where, tights: unknown, shoes: Corso Como, belt: vintage, necklace: Diva


Song of the Day: Muse - New Born


annah said...


coco said...

I love the flashes of red!
very chic!

Maxie said...

hi! glad I discovered your blog!!! Especially the pic in your anatomy class are quite interesting as it remind me of my own anatomy classes! (i'm studying veterinary sciences)

Love your blog!

Ashley-wa said...

I think you are the most fashionable med student I have ever seen. Kudos. :) Love your blog.

Belle said...

your anatomy class rocks, mine is boring and...not fashionable, unlike you!

Miss Woo said...

the red tights are fabulous and so are your heels!

Anna Pope said...

Annah: :D

Coco: Thanks!

Maxie: I wanted to go to vet school at one point too so yay for another medical geek :)

Ashley-wa: *blush* Thank you so much!

Belle: Wee, another med student! And my anatomy classes aren't that cool, I just have an awesome photographer that makes them look cool.

Miss Woo: Thank you darling!