Wednesday, 6 February 2013

"Be careful making wishes in the dark, can't be sure when they've hit their mark ."

Best Coffee 
Sleepless nights require a bit more work to get over in the morning. And maybe doing push-ups or eating an apple work better than anything else (seriously, there are studies about that and you can't mess with studies) but lets be honest, coffee is easier.


Winter came! And compared to the one in Game of Thrones that took so many seasons and pages to get here, this one actually made it on time. And, as is my nature, I went into a mental hibernation of sorts. My life has revolved around books, movies and cuddling on the couch with The Boy and Captain. 

(And the gynecology rotation exam. But lets not talk about that. I might still have a slight case of PTSD. Shudder.)


Comics For the Soul Thorin Grumpyshield

Comic book collection has grown a lot during this time. I am in a Batman phase right now because there is nothing like a broken anti-hero type and his dysfunctional family dynamic. And The Boy and I have made it our job to collect all the The Hobbit toys. We are disagreeing over the "opening and playing with them" part (I got at Thorin before he could catch me). The Boy wants them all in mint condition, I want to take Bilbo Baggins and Thorin GloomyShield and make them hold hands. I will win this fight, count on it.

Coffee dates with my darling Roxu. And the compulsory winter holiday Die Hard marathon; some family members did not get too excited at the thought of watching John McClane blow shit up for 10 hours.


And because it is winter still, we shed metaphorical blood and backstabbed each other in a vicious and wine infused battle for the throne in the Game of Thrones board game. I was a Lannister. I lost. Seems only fitting really.


 WInter Puppy

Having a puppy keeps me very active. Because even if I want it or not, I still have to go for long walks even when it feels like hell froze over. The little furry bastard doesn't seem to mind the cold and that is why he is a bastard. (I still love him but can we have summer already?)

WInter Puppy WInter Puppy

WInter Puppy

Wearing: Zara coat, Lashez skull sweater, Nine West boots, H&M jeans.

WInter Puppy

Me: Come on boy, come here for a photo.
Captain: But I don't want to take a photo, I want to stay free and let my floppy ears flow in the wind as I run through the park eating everything I think smells good enough.

WInter Puppy

My boys <3


As a last thought, some things that have made me happy this month.

Books: Hogfather by Terry Pratchett (because it's a great take on our favorite winter gift giver), Hyperion by Dan Simmons (because it's the best sic-fi book I've read a long time), A Madness of Angels by Kate Griffin (because angels are warriors and cities are full of magic) and The Fault in Our Stars by John Green (because being a teenager is hard and heartbreaking and beautiful)

Movies: Star Trek (because the new one is coming out in a few months and I am so excited it's ridiculous), The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel (because it's cute and lovely and warms your heart), Dredd (because he is judge, jury and executioner and the bottom half of Karl Urban's face) and Silver Linings Playbook (because it's hard to present mental illness without pity and this movie manages that).

TV shows: Justified (because of genius hillbilly pastors who rule the world and the people who love them) and Elementary (because of Lucy Liu being perfect and her broken Holmes)

Photos: The cast of Community as The Breakfast Club and Idris Elba as Han Solo. You're welcome.

And this face: 

WInter Puppy


Song of the Day: Fall Out Boy - My Songs Know What You Did in the Dark
(FOB is back and in that moment I swear we were back in 2007 and I love it)


Chantelle said...

Yay you have a new blog post! I hope your next rotation exam goes well. Also, a Die Hard marathon sounds awesome. My father and I love those movies. Well..we love all movies. We just finished a Lord of the Rings Director's Cut marathon over the winter break. 'Twas awesome. ^-^

Good luck!

Anaivilo said...

Captain is a too-adorable being! I am going straight in Bucharest, find hime and steal him from you!! Joking of course.
Silver Linings Playbook is a great film indeed and I agree with what you said.
Regarding Sherlock..have you seen the British version? I don't remember asking you that before or hear you mention it, but it's a greaaaaaat series, even though they have like 3 episodes per series, each one of a movie length size..they are so thrilling!! Starring Benedict Cumberbatch and our own Hobbit :))

Anonymous said...

I love your hair. Super, super cute. I hope your exam goes well. Also, give me that dog. NOW. What a cutie!

Kate from Clear the Way

Coffeebean said...

Hello from UK,

We also indulged in the Die Hard winter marathon and a Lord of the rings one too - although this wasn't all done in one day.
Keep posting - you inspired me to create my own blog - I have all of 2 posts on it!! Poor I know..

George Cazacu said...

You look beautiful. So does your little sweet dog.

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Lia Wright said...

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Yuliyansih Luna said...

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