Friday, 2 March 2012

"Oh, sinnerman, where you gonna run to?"

Take Your Meds
I would like to take this opportunity to thank the person who invented ibuprofen because it is a gift in the shape of pretty little pill in those Saturday mornings when the alarm clock rings too early for whatever godforsaken reason and you're a bit hungover because of a night of one too many glasses of wine and staying up late watching violent movies that make one feel grateful for being alive and ordinary. (Lucky Number Slevin and Se7en because it was that kind of night.)


Guys, guys, here's the thing: the reason for my lack of posting is really just that my life has not been that interesting in this bleary cold month of Fuck-All-It's-Cold-Uary.

Besides a brush with the Plague of the Century during my only holiday until the summer (a.n: and by 'plague' I actually mean 'the sniffles' but it was my only holiday and I spent it coughing in a pillow, watching a mind numbing Vampire Diaries marathon it sucks and I am a horrible little drama queen prone to histrionics) and I've been bouncing around between hospital rounds and making sure I squeeze in all the Oscar movies before this Sunday's (rather underwhelming) festivity and. Well. And that is really more or less the gist of it.

I've also been trying to wrap my mind around neurology (unfunny and not witty pun intended) and I've been failing miserably and I am looking back on my surgery rotation and missing the liver so hard when I try and read my neurology books that I am this close to composing The Ode of the Total Bilirubin. (Except that neurology is also amazing so you can see how things are confusing now, yeah?)

Next week, neurosurgery! And that should be a barrel of laughs and a truckload of pain. But, I try to keep positive by ingesting huge amounts of chocolate, adding wine to every dinner and
remembering one of my favorite quotes from Monroe, one of the best tv shows the Brits have gifted us poor, needy medical students:

"You’re taking your knife to someone’s head. The only difference between you
and a psychopath is good A-levels."

And things just be fine in the end, or else I deem this the worst start of the year ever. So, toes crossed and onward we go lest we go bonkers.


And now here's to the fun parts!

Some time back I got an email from Dayna at Shabby Apple asking me if I'd like to review one of their dresses. I was familiar with their site and after staring at all the beautifully made dresses they had on display, I could not say anything but a loud, resounding yes!

Day At the Museum Day At the Museum

After a short adventure at the post office (if there is Purgatory, its place is at the romanian post office; most people there where halfway between 'normal human being' and 'serial killer' by the time I escaped) I ended up as the proud owner of this delightfully elegant polkadot beauty you see here.

It reminds me of the dresses the ladies on Mad Men wear, all 50s charm and elegance, and it worked perfectly with the little Sunday brunch date and museum visit I had planned for this past weekend.

This is me excited that it was finally time for a leisurely, yet educational, Sunday. The Boy and I visited the National History Museum after we realized that, as a proud little Bucharest girl, I had never been inside and only glanced at the building briefly when walking to the favorite coffee shop of the moment. And have to tell you, it was really worth it.

I also felt like a princess in this dress, so I would recommend the Shabby Apple site to any girl who loves pretty, high-quality dresses like I do. I am honestly so in love with this dress that I am ready to go down on one knee and declare my undying love to it a la Romeo and Juliet minus the ludicrous dying at the end.

Wearing: Polkadot dress courtesy of ShabbyApple, thrifted belt, Mango tights, Nine West boots, Zara cardigan.

I'm also happy to announce that I was also given a coupon to share with you guys: just add the code cinnamon10off and you will get 10% off on any dress just in time for spring :)

Keeping it a bit punk-rock to keep my inner teenager proud unless she has a hissy fit worthy of a Good Charlotte album. Trust me, I've been there.

And because The Boy and I have a combined mental age of 5, we could not pass by this statue in front of the museum without a reenactment of the "It's a butt!" scene made famous by the masterpiece Finding Nemo. Forever young and and all that, you know how it goes ;)


Song of the Day: Nina Simone - Sinnerman


Anonymous said...

whaaat? this is my favorite shabby apple dress ever! I wanted it so much, but they don't have my size. so I bought the same one in gray, I have to make some adjustments to it before I actually wear it :)

Chantelle said...

looove the post, hope you're hanging in there with the neurosurgery rounds. Bonne Chance!

P.S. Check out Dr. Cranquis on tumblr. Great stuff!

Anaivilo said...

Oh yes their dresses are quite cute:D And this one suits you so lovely!! :D The last photo is indeed funny:))) So, what do you think of The Artist? It did won the best picture, but I am just not that sure it really deserved the award..

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