Monday, 23 November 2009

"I collect loose change for all tomorrow's parties"

My Christmas present, got it?


I feel like I've been dangling between exhaustion and consciousness. As usual, I slip and melt and fit right through the tiny cracks between these two. I guess this is what happens when nights are spent away from the cool sheets of the bed and instead are lost in a play of smoke rings that dance in the streetlights and warm cuddles on old mattresses and fast-food eating on the go between here and there.

This week I passed by my old highschool and saw the freshmen walking to school, so young and ignorant that I was jealous for a second. I have so much in my life right now and at the same time lack so many things that I am feeling like my bones are cracking under this tension, this buzz that I can't figure out exactly.

Feeling old, you say? Not old, just worn-out.

But not in a bad way.
Worn-out like a favorite tee-shirt that has been washed way to many times, so worn-through it's almost translucent, with a few tiny holes where the material has broken apart and the skin peeks through, but so very very soft. So soft that it falls perfectly around the body and hugs collarbones and shoulders blades just right.

Yeah, that kind of soft-spoken tiredness that creeps around the edges but feels so good.

Needless to say I don't mind, not really :)


Wednesday, the 18th:

An old house with squeaky floors and white walls and empty rooms with dim lights that feels like it's been taken out of an old French movie.

And pancakes. Cannot forget the pancakes!

Our house in the middle of the street at Number 17.

Playing Games

Playing Games Playing Games

Playing Games Playing Games

Playing Games Playing Games

Playing Games
And even though I am a creature who is attracted to any sort of game and gathering like a moth to flame thrower, I decided some time ago that cards are not my game. So I looked on with the steely look of an observer who steals a pancake and a smoke from time to time. Still a very fun night :)


Thursday, the 19th:

Have I told you how much I love the boys from The Amsterdams? My 4th show of theirs, they didn't disappoint as always and of course I was the unofficial official photographer of the night. Hey, as long as that gets me some photo practice, a free way in and a good show, you don't see me complaining!

Rest of the photos here.

The Amsterdams @ Mojo

The Amsterdams @ Mojo The Amsterdams @ Mojo

The Amsterdams @ Mojo The Amsterdams @ Mojo

And the night could not end without some dancing. Like I've said before, two redheads are always, always better than one, right Rox?


Sunday, the 22nd:

The House again (capitalization is oh-so-needed). No pancakes this time, just the usual suspects and some movies: (500) Days of Summer and Snatch. Been speaking English with a weird British accent and singing Sweet Disposition non stop since then.

And the night was rounded out with some great music too. You take one really great sounding band, a basement and a camera and you get some awesome photos and a free semi-concert. That's like adding some sugar and spice to an already good sundae.

The band is Eloize. Check them out here and enjoy! I've been listening to Hide and Seek all week :)

The rest of the photos here.

Eloize - Rehearsals at No.17

Eloize - Rehearsals at No.17 Eloize - Rehearsals at No.17

Movie Night
This was that point in the night where my eyelids couldn't hold themselves up anymore. Thank god for people who let me cuddle and use them as pillows :)

Movie Night Movie Night

Eloize - Rehearsals at No.17 Movie Night

Movie Night Movie Night

Movie Night


Tuesday, the 24th:

First of Many
Yeah, yeah, she's gorgeous but she's my best friend and you can't have her! Jealous yet? ;)

My darling girl Roxana. A photo exhibit by the extremely talented and always super sweet and smiley Alex Galmeanu (still loving his work more than ever!). Red wine and good food in small bistro's. Hours passing by quickly yet leaving traces on my mind that still make me smile.

And of course, awesome shoes. Perfect day or what? ;)


Song of the day: Amanda Palmer - Blake Says


Doppelganger said...

Your kind words are greatly appreciated, dear Cinnamon. Your little patch of heaven is utterly and unabashedly brilliant and peaceful. I've been reading it for the past one hour and a half and I'm planning to go on. Absolutely brilliant. Take care, thank you once more and see you around.

Fashion Therapist said...

Love your pics!

Zmaga said...

Yay, you're back! And you're having such a great time I'm completely jealous!

indigotangerine said...

you always have fabulolus photos! I especially like the pink room and the first music shot with the microphone. those pancakes are crazy thin! Do you eat them like you would an american pancake or more like a crepe?

laxcarrental said...

That looks yummy! It looks like you had a lot of fun. I wish I can have my Christmas present today.

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top said...

Thanks a lot of music gadgets. Happy thanks giving. I hope you have fun.

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Marta Represa said...

Nice pics! I love the way you write...


Jessica said...

a super adorable pictures and i always enjoy them :D
super fabs ^^

greystrawberrys said...

ahh your making me love & want red hair <3 x

d. said...

oh, those pictures are absolutely great!lov'em :)

Fashion Chalet said...

I always check my blog in the morning, before breakfast,. When you comment I instantly crave cinnamon coffee! ;)

How are things? I'm slowly getting adjusted to a colder lifestyle of living. The colder it gets the more I miss Miami... lol.

Hoping you are well, dear!!



Love your pics. Christmas is soo near already...

Anonymous said...

I do love your concert photos love - they are fabulous. *hug* Worn out like a t-shirt.. beautiful. xo

JOWY said...


One Love,

Alya said...

I love how you're sooo not the typical med student I imagine!

Amazing pics as always :)

By the way, what camera do you use?

Anonymous said...

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Offshore said...

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dapper kid said...

Seriously dear, your photographs are always amazing! Loving those show photos, they are goooorgeous. And YUM at the pancakes. Definitely know what you mean about feeling a tad worn out, I am just so glad that the holidays are almost here. Hope you're having a beautiful week :)

Andy said...

I love your pictures. Have a nice holiday.

Anonymous said...


beckyxoxo said...

Ohh seems so much fun ! Cute dollie , that's a big one . Haha . And the pancake seems yum . You make me hungry ! Love your red hair :)

Fashion Chalet said...

JUST SAW YOU on, you're such a doll! <3


Anonymous said...

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Elizabeth said...

Love your blog and LOVE that bag youre carrying in the top most photo with the bear, where's it from? xoxx

linked you ;)