Sunday, 13 September 2009

"And I'm floating in a most peculiar way"

So Friday night was Twestival. Twitter folks met up and chatted and enjoyed each others company and all was well. (Congrats to Pasi Catre Viata by the way. For all the good you did and for all the people you manage to bring together :)

I told you I wasn't kidding when I said Twitter has become my main online social interaction tool.

But that's only because of the wonderful people Twitter is helping me keep in touch with. Especially the people I met offline at first but who I "see" everyday online and who have been making my days (and Starbucks breaks and nerd parties and concerts and spur of the moment trips to other cities) better and happier.

The types of people who know how to hug tight and who get how LEGEN - wait for it - DARY some things are ;))

Offline-five dudes!!


Most of the Twestival photos are here and here. And here's me from that night (slightly overdressed as usual but that's why I'm the fashion blogger around there ;):



dress: Mango, jacket: DiKa, lace top (worn underneath): Vintage, bag: Nine West, shoes: Guess


Also, two great new things in my life right now:

Awesome Patrick Bateman from American Psycho t-shirt!! That I am so gonna wear during visits in the hospital come October!! (thanks again Andi!)


And guess who has a brand new fancy, shiny stethoscope? That's right, yours truly!
And who has proven she really is a giant dork? Yup, me again! Good guesses, you get a cookie from me.


Song of the Day: David Bowie - Space Oddity


toonice said...

Yup, tweetmeets are awesome ! I wish we make this a regular thing :) true story !


Fashion Doohickey said...

Love the pieces you wore. Such a statement. ;)

Cool Blog! ;)

Fashion Therapist said...

Hahaha that's an awesome tee!

Phyllis said...

your hair looks so fabulously shiny and red in these photos!

OLiX said...

looking at your pics and reading your blog makes me smile in a very good and nice way!

p.s. 1 i really love how you dress!

p.s. 2 the stethoscope fits you very well :)

p.s. 3 my gf will kill me if she reads this :))

Anonymous said...

that T-shirts amazing!!1i realle loved American psycho-im probably gonna read the book cause i heard its different from the movie!it was voted i think the number 1 disturbing book of all times...

Pratishtha Durga said...

The. Tee. Is. Amazingggg.
Hmmm... the new stethoscope is FOXY.
And I love the fashion blogger look you've put together.
Yes, twitter Rocks!

dapper kid said...

Absolutely love your dress and that Bateman t-shirt is AMAZING!! Totally want one! Hmm I really should sign up for Twitter right? Hope you're having a beautiful day dear :)

Krakafoon said...

Where oh where did you get the t-shirt?? That is a MUST HAVE

vicen said...

Send us your look, and be part of Look 10.

sandraaa_xo said...

that t-shirt is amazing and i haven't even seen the film!

CHICMUSE said...



Nemerae said...

Love your outfit!! =) and also the colour of your hair.. amaazing!

olix's gf said...

ha.. i read this you bastard :)) i'm gonna kill you untill you die

Amelia said...

Your hair is goegeous! I love the dress.

Jackie said...

Your outfit is so cute!

Rebecca, The Clothes Horse said...

I love the black and white outfit. And although I don't "know" you, that American Psycho tee seems so "you." ;)

Frank&Rémy said...

hahaha that tee is amazing! I totally want one!!

mimi said...

I think your blog is absolutely gorgeous; so much happiness, it makes me happy to read :)

Fashion By He said...

wow you have a great smile!!

love that tshirt

come check out my blog too, first ever fashion blog from a guys POV

yiqin; said...

Love that jacket! The shirt is too cool.

Jenny H. said...

ahh love your outfit.
twitter as awesome.

Kat said...

What fun that must have been! I also met up with some bloggers recently and enjoyed it much! You look lovely in your outfit.

Chotronette said...

Insert HIMYM reference here :P Kinda loving the last picture..

dewantari said...

Litmann stethoscope, wow cool
i also have too :D

i am your fans Now :p

sarathira sukiman said...

i totally cracked up on that legendary joke, haha! seriously, can you be any cooler, pretty girl?

Callum said...

Hey I love that shirt can you tell me where you got it from i've searched for ages for it ??? Thanks :)