Wednesday, 9 April 2008

"Outfit; Smile in Black & White, Mr. Sid Vicious"

"I'm not chic, I could never be chic."
Sid Vicious

A wrong subway taken in a wrong direction ended up with finding this commercial stuck to the walls of the station. Hmm, I don't think I've ever seen a more interesting (please read: quirky, crazy, stupid?) lineup than this. Still love these commercials though.


Today was such a long a boring day that has ended me tossing my booties in a dark corner of the hallway as soon as I walked through the door. Note to self: next time when you have to run (more or less literary) from the university to get Starbucks, do not wear heels. Ouch.

But even with the pain, I still love my darling shoes. I think this takes the expression 'fashion victim' to a whole new level in my world :)


Because this is the only thing the Cellular Biology lab is good for, apparently :)

Starting to feel like I'm a Vogue US editorial, just need Caroline T. or Lily D. to join me in the jumping and we'll be set!

t-shirt: Zara, jeans: Mango, booties: Replay Jeans, socks: Golden Point, both necklaces: Diva, bracelets: vintage, Diva, Accessorize and rubber band from The British Museum



stilettostetico said...

a Bounding "Glam-Rock" vibe, in a classy Black § White !!!
ps: Hope your (pretty) "fashion victim"'s feet are OK in spite of your "Heel-disaster" . . .

A Bientot, Antoine

Fashion Ivy said...

love the booties and I must say that I am a jewelry fiend and I love ur necklace

Peach said...

I am pretty sure that the detail-shots you do are some of my faves EVER. muy bien!

Anna Pope said...

Fashion Ivy: Thank you!

Peach: Thank you, I love photography and anything related to it so your comment means a lot.

Anonymous said...

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