Saturday, 7 January 2012

"We’re waiting for a superhero intervention."

Xmas in the house
I think this Christmas tree will grace us with it's presence for a long time seeing as we are two lazy people in this house who would rather play Xbox and read books and watch the multiple movies that are currently downloaded and waiting to be enjoyed and bake and, and, and. Thank god the next Christmas is just around the corner :))


Some people start a new year doing extraordinary things like climbing Mount Everest or finding the cure for the common cold or figuring out what it is about little itty bitty puppies that makes humans turn into big piles of goo. I am not those people.

I have done nothing productive since the clock ominously struck midnight. I have finished the second Game of Thrones books and have watched so much Sons of Anarchy that I am falling in love with the sound of a chopper, I have seen Girl With the Dragon Tattoo in cinema twice and am ready to sacrifice my newborn on the throne of David Fincher, I have trained my body to survive on nothing but junk food and sugar and have spent so much time in bed that I think I will be forever wedded to it. And even though in my world those things sound impressive and monumental and all kinds of deep... I have been told by normal people that this is neither dynamic or constructive.

Luckily for me I could not here those people over the sound of how splendid and satisfying it is to enjoy what will be my last vacation until July this year. So, to quote Dickens, Bah Humbug! to the critics and hello to two more sweet days before hospital rounds crush my soul and make my brain cry all over again.


It was The Boy's and my 2 year and one month anniversary yesterday so we decided to enjoy the beautiful days of sunshine that have been bestowed on us by the gods of winter who are also on a holiday it seems, and have a nice brunch and walk around the city.

But, in the words of the great Terry Pratchett: Gods like a joke as much as anyone else. So of course, it started raining and the whole world turned into a giant wet pile of gray.

Just Sing For The Rain

Brunch was still great but the walk was damp and the park was cold and we were only saved by our tourist-y umbrella we have left over from our trip to Amsterdam.

Just Sing For The Rain Just Sing For The Rain

You can tell from my face that I was not pleased. Or I was hungry. The face I'm making works in both these situations.

Just Sing For The Rain

Just Sing For The Rain

I got new boots and they have been properly baptized in the mushy porridge that is the ground.

Just Sing For The Rain

Just Sing For The Rain

Just Sing For The Rain

Wearing: Mango coat, Lashez dress, Accessorize tights, Nine West boots.

Just Sing For The Rain

I also looked like poodle who has been licking the electric wall socket. I would take this moment to thank the makers of my anti-frizz hair conditioner and cream. You go, Glenn Coco!

Just Sing For The Rain


Just Sing For The Rain

After my mother kidnapped me to go buy food and we ended up in approximately 20 stores with a slight hypoglycemia and a headache but with dresses and boots (She has a problem with buying boots, so many boots, because when the end of the world comes you can never have too many boots. And tuna cans.), we felt a tad guilty so we detoured through Zara Men. We had to fight off some hipsters looking for painted on jeans and Lady GaGa t shirts but in the end we got this for my boy.

Because Steve McQueen is cooled than we'd ever be even if you stuck us all in a polar icecap and let us drift slowly in the ocean. True story.

Also: pretty nails.

Just Sing For The Rain


Song of the Day: Johnny Hollow - Superhero


Daisy said...

Lovely photos ! Xbox games have been taking over my evenings too!

chantelle c said...

Looooove your writing. I wish people over on this side of the pond but more effort into English grammar and literature, then maybe they'd be half as comprehendible as you. Have a wonder 2 days off, and good luck with your hospital runs. YOU CAN DO IT! Also, sleep as much as you can, regardless of where it is. Even resting your eyes on a bus, or a waiting room chair, is helpful.

Katherine McAdoo said...

Oh my gosh, I love your dress. Actually, just everything about your outfit. I'm super envious of those boots!

All I ever do is play Xbox with my husband. It's addicting and a great way for us to spend time together.

Cecille said...

very cute nails <3

criscrascrus said...

great nails! xx

Laura Tenshi said...

I would rather play xbox any time than to decorate a Christmas tree.
I am not one of those people either. I didn't do anything productive since the beginning of the year and that's fine with me. I will just lay here like before and wait for something exciting to happen.
Something is bound to happen, right?
Love the print of tour dress and the boots.
You shouldn't complain! At least your mother still takes you shopping.

Pana mea said...

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black unicorn said...

love love LOVE your hair at the moment! And your nails. Very cool.

Taylor Barrett said...

love xbox. beautiful clothes.

Anonymous said...

Super poze!!