Tuesday, 16 November 2010

"If we shadows have offended think but this and all is mended: that you have but slumber'd here while these visions did appear."



One of my philosophies on life is pretty simple and straightforward: I love beautiful things. Be it a superb pair of shoes, a breathtaking photograph or a person so amazing they just shine beauty from their eyes, I really do love beautiful things. This has helped me meet some really great people in my life and also acquire a rather impressive wardrobe so I think this isn't that bad of a personality trait to have.

So when I got an email from the sweet girls at Choronette asking me if I would like one of their fabulous dresses, I am amazed I still had the self control to write a proper response and not just hit the keyboard while caps-locking uncontrollably. I did shimmy around the room for a while, and might even have burst into a choreographed dance routine à la Joseph Gordon Levitt but anyone who knows me knows that's pretty normal around my neck of the woods.

If you don't know Chotronette by now, you should. They make these beautiful graceful dresses that look like they should belong in a Baz Luhrmann adaptation of A Midsummer Night's Dream. And I am convinced that if fairies wore dresses they'd all be lining up to have one because they're superbly made and simply a delight to wear.

And did I mention the girls are two absolute darlings? So how in the world could I have said no in the end? I always did want to be a princess with Lara Croft ass-kicking powers so this dress might just be bringing me closer to my dream in the end ♥


The Boy + one camera + gorgeous dresses + two girls (because I finally managed to get my sweetheart Florina in front of the camera!) =
backyard photoshoot yet again.

My favorite photo of Florina and I.

Chotronette Chotronette
Felt like a fairy princess. All I needed more were an unicorn and pixie dust because I was already this close to reciting Shakespearean lines (a.n: I need this post to thank my English teachers for my love for ol' Billy. I was a tiny teacup human, I could not speak my own language correctly, to the horror of my mother, but at least I knew Shakespeare. And I think that still applies today. Eh, you win some, you lose some).



Chotronette Chotronette

Chotronette Chotronette

Chotronette Chotronette
Yes, my friends are gorgeous. You can go an be jealous right now ;-)




I wore the dress for the first time to a party and this was the only make-up that could ever do it justice. As I'm writing this I am already imagining a million more other way I could wear it and how every time I will always have a moment of pause before spinning around in it like the little girl that I am.

Thank you Chotronette :-)


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Cecille said...

lovely photos! i saw them on facebook too!

D. said...

The dress is gorgeous! And you look lovely in it :)

DeVero said...

Lovely photos...lovely dress!!


Ionouka said...

I love the dress, love your hair color, love you in green!

Alice in vintageland said...

You look stunning, the dress is beyond beautiful and that color is divine. Your friend is indeed super beautiful and I love all the pictures – pure magic. I don’t personally know the Chotronette Girls but I do thing they are wonderful and have talent to spare. And that makeup!!!!

Ana said...

you girls look so sweet and whimsical:)

You seem to be having lots of fun:)


Shannon said...

Pretty Pretty!

The Hearabouts said...

Wow, you're the definition of an Irish fairy :D. You're just missing the wings.

I really like Chotronette creations and this dress in particular. The headpiece is cute, too.


Nemerae said...

Such nice pics!! you look like a princess!

Terra said...

Am aruncat o privire asupra blogului tau si am ramas impresionata de modul in care combini outfiturile cu spiritul (plin de viata, daca ma intrebi). Mi-ar face o deosebita placere un parteneriat intre blogurile noastre. Nu vreau sa fie ceva formal. Daca vei considera blogul meu ca fiind ok, anunta-ma sa te adaug in lista de bloguri. Nu am fost niciodata de acord cu Link exchange-urile care se fac de dragul de a fi facute.
O dpamiaza cat mai frumoasa! Bisous.


that dress goes lovely w/your hair! love it

Syed said...

Woah that dress is fantastic, and I love the colour :)

Anonymous said...

pretty pretty!!!
I want!! it is simple yes. but i want!

you have inspired me for my next photo shoot moment!!

Come check me out


Liberty London Girl said...

oh there's nothing like using beautiful clothes to escape into fantasy land! LLGxx

Laura said...

Wow this pictures are beautiful!

Shoe said...

You both look beautiful and what unbelievable dresses!! The green is especially fairy-like.



TheMadTwins said...

Ow, these pictures are so dreamy. The dress is wonderful too! And I must say that I adore your haircolor :)


The Sequin Cat said...

Seriously gorgeous dress! You are a fairytale princess.