Sunday, 10 January 2010

"But wait, now how long could this take?"

Sunday Brunch
An yummy brunch to lighten a Sunday morning. Just the nudge I need for all the things that need doing today!


My oh my, one week of uni down, about a billion more to go? I'd like to thank coffee for being my most loyal friend on this slow trip and for keeping me at least functional when I'm sliding down hospital walls from exhaustion. I honestly cannot wait for summer. Winter starts losing its charm once the Christmas tree goes down and beautiful snowy nights turn to drab rainy days.

But still, as long as these nights are still filled with warm Parisian-style cafes or Irish pubs things aren't half bad and the day doesn't take it's toll too hard. Sweet wine always make the lips smile even in the coldest of days, cuddling in an empty coffee shop melts the bones quite easily and outings with the girls where jokes and plates of pastas are shared can warm up any frostbitten soul.

Okay, maybe I'm not minding the cold that much.


Tuesday, the 5th:
A long day, good coffee and gingerbread. And I wore jeans, to the shock and horror of the people in my life :))

Days at Uni Days at Uni

jeans & gray cardigan: Mango, boots: Nine West, striped top: Mango

Thursday, the 7th:
A day spent studying given up for coffee before school, an exam canceled and replaced with Italian food and Sherlock Holmes (second time this year, woot!). Good day!

Days at Uni

Days at Uni Days at Uni

dress & cardigan: Mango, tights: Accessorize, booties: Musette, owl necklace: thrift.


Today (Sunday, the 10th):
As the photo at the beginning of this post says, it all begun with coffee and french orange juice, brie cheese and club sandwiches. It's a tradition The Boy and I will try to keep from now, considering that we've also fallen in love with this particular cafe :)

Sunday Brunch Sunday Brunch

Sunday Brunch
Can you guess what's wrong with this photo? Yup, no heels! It felt weird walking around in flat boots but I love these so much that I had to steal them from the mother.

Sunday Brunch

Sunday Brunch
My personal photographer ;)

Sunday Brunch Sunday Brunch

Sunday Brunch

animal print coat & dress: Mango, boots: Zara, flower print headband: Accessorize


Song of the Day: Leighton Meester - Somebody to Love


Margarita. said...

i like your blog, really :)

Zmaga said...

I love the outfit with jeans :)and the pics with The Boy, of course!
Leighton Meester has a new song?! How come I don't know about that?!

Pandutzu said...

hmm.. de ce te uitai la rochii de mireasa? :))))

Anonymous said...

I love your outfit with the purple tights, looks great! x

kate maggie said...

i love your blog! your pictures are great..amazing photography. i love everything that you are wearing in this one. especially your jacket and tights :)

indigotangerine said...

the purple tights with the dove gray boots is such an amazing color combo. Love love love that coat too.

Anonymous said...

You are very inspiring and the brunch looks divine. xo Mish

Electro Geisha said...

first photo is so great, made me wanna go for brunch right now. and its almost 7 PM. but I want to! :)all the outfits look great

Anonymous said...


nookie said...

lovely floral print dress:)

Chicisimo said...

The three outfits are great, but the best for me is the second one. It's so cute!!

Happy 2010!!

Ashley said...

LOVE the purple tights! Such an adorable outfit. Your blog is super cute.

michael said...

I am a big fan of your blog. Great outfit by the way. I like the way you mix your love for coffee into your everyday life. WE both share a common passion for coffee that's why I love your blog. Great photography too. Also, that brunch you posted looks uber yummy! Thanks

Shannon said...

I love the shot of you on the stairs - you're so stunning.

Here's to warmer weather, classes that don't drag on forever and lots and lots of chocolate :)

Alyssa said...

Missed your colorful tights!!

You and the boy look very cute together by the way. And great song choice for the gossip girl fan =)

Anonymous said...


Misha said...

You look so happy with life lately in your posts. You make the small things count. It rubs off :)

AMIT said...

Really like your blog.

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