Thursday, 28 February 2008

"Hello, hello, long time no see"

The first step (or post, to be more precise) is always the hardest. I will confess I am still not sure on how I'm going to treat this little blog or what I will be writing here, I jut know this is going to be the place for the things I like right now, for the clothes and the books and the movies and the smiles :)

I am a 20yearold student who gets lost in bookshops and shoe stores alike, who loves Vogue and Herman Hesse with the same passion, who thinks there's nothing better than a good movie with the best friend, who dances to Panic at the Disco every morning and who believes that that's coffee and not blood running through her veins (alas, a side-effect of med school).

I love fashion, shoes, photography, scrapbooking, street styles, starbucks soy lattes and my lovely girlfriends. So yeah, that is what you will be getting a lot of here, so enjoy!


1 comment:

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