Monday, 24 August 2009

"The last thing on her mind is growing up, she's dancing with the stars and oh how the lights are shining"

"Let's say you're listening to your favorite band on a stereo system. There is a place between the two speakers where you will hear the two streams of music blend perfectly, exactly as the sound engineer intended. This place is called the sweet spot. If you play tennis or baseball, you know about another version of the term "sweet spot." It's the area on the racquet or the bat where you get best results when striking the ball. According to my astrological analysis, Taurus, this will be your ruling metaphor for the next three weeks. You have arrived at your very own sweet spot -- the embodiment of all that is melodious, graceful, delicious, aromatic, and effective. "

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Friday, August 21st.

It was a day that just kept on going. Waking up I had no idea that I was getting ready for a day so busy that I would end up getting home the next morning after 24 hours of fun and no sleep.

Yeah, so maybe games are the things that keep us young and free and happy after all.

The day started with Cupa Pleosc (The Splash Cup) which was a water fight in the park. At first I thought I'd be there just to watch but that plan lasted approximately 4.6 minutes and I was bouncing my way into the middle of the squeaky war zone!

Cupa Pleosc - August 2009

Cupa Pleosc - August 2009 Cupa Pleosc - August 2009

Cupa Pleosc - August 2009 Cupa Pleosc - August 2009

Cupa Pleosc - August 2009
Andrei and I caught in a surprise water attack.

Cupa Pleosc - August 2009 Cupa Pleosc - August 2009

Cupa Pleosc - August 2009
The entire gang for an end-of-game photo op. Needless to say, it took me about 4 hours to dry off but I guess it was all worth it ;)

Here's video proof if anyone is interested. You can see (and hear) me squee around there somewhere.


Next, the gang met up in Club Control. Beer, dancing to Arctic Monkeys and a pair of geeky coke-bottle glasses making rounds. Fun times!

Ignore my face, I think I already had some beer on board :))

20090821IMG_1333 20090821IMG_1334 20090821IMG_1319

20090821IMG_1331 20090821IMG_1320

20090821IMG_1325 20090821IMG_1327


20090821IMG_1411 20090822IMG_1497

20090821IMG_1342 20090821IMG_1374



What followed that was the night time bike walk, Ciclopromenada 2, where we biked around the city again (first time being here). It was weird because our numbers tripled since the last time but nothing will ever beat the feeling of riding your bike down an empty street at night :)

Ciclopromenada Nocturna 2

Ciclopromenada Nocturna 2 Ciclopromenada Nocturna 2

Ciclopromenada Nocturna 2 Ciclopromenada Nocturna 2

Ciclopromenada Nocturna 2

Ciclopromenada Nocturna 2


Also, one of my photos (staring Andrei) made it in the paper. How cool is that?

More photos of everything here in the sets on my Flickr account :)


Song of the Day: Cobra Starship - Living In The Sky With Diamonds


George Hari Popescu said...

Congrats on the publication of your photo and don't let us down on the third edition of the night bike walk, on Sep. 11!

andlclb said...

But where's the water on that surprise attack? :))

den fresh said...

The boy in the first picture, far left...
who is he.
I'm in love !

Pandutzu said...

u forgot to mention that the geek glasses were mine >:P

john said...

omg! i had no idea i was linked on here. Love the blog, love the photos, love your HAIR!! :D

D. said...

And yet again I started dancing when I saw your title :D
How cool your photo is published!

abitmischievous said...

great pics! i love the glasses :D

Sil said...

and once again you blog made me feel nostalgic of my uni days and mostly of my internship abroad...

keep having fun!!!!


a w e s o m e =)

I was so totally able to visualize you dancing to BLONDIE in your room just now, hahah! ;)


finesa said...

your life soooooo wonderful i guess :)
i love all those photos. Awesome

Ruxandra said...

sounds like fun.i left you an award on my blog.

M said...

Sweet! More of these exciting bicycle adventures! I am seriously contemplating to try and organize something like that around here... Anyway, so blogday came and went. I just wanted to let you know I rather than motivating why I linked to you, made a little collage with some of your fantastic photos. Hope you don't mind. Have a great day!

projectrika said...

awesome photos! this seems like so much fun!!!