Sunday, 9 August 2009

"Do something pretty while you can"

If you would have told me this was the beginning of one of the best nights this summer, I would not have believed you...


3am, Universitate, lots of people with lots of bikes. Usually I'm not the first to jump on something like this, especially when it comes to bikes seeing as bikes and I have not been friends since I was 14, but on Friday I took Dana and we headed out to the night time bike walk (aka Ciclopromenada Nocturna).

We rented our bikes around 8pm, biked to her place (more or less to actually see if we can actually bike them and not kill anyone) and enjoyed some mindless reality tv and good food. At 2am we took our bikes and our energy drinks and headed towards the meeting place at Universitate.

To say it was fun would be too little! Over 20 people biking around Bucharest, having people on the street stare at us like we were aliens, it was great. Everyone was very nice (even to the two newbie girls with rented bikes, one of which had a tendency to bike in zig-zag... but not me, really! ahem) and even helped me out when my bike decided to become friends with a bench :)) But a few bruises were worth it especially after I got to bike in the middle of one of the major streets with no cars around!

The trip ended around 6am at the only open coffee house we could find, where we indulged in tea and lemonade and photos.

Did I mention the fact that it was the best night ever? Because it was! A shout out to Andrei and Adrian (and JustForFun who I finally met face to face and who needs to make it up to us next time!!) for making the night even more enjoyable :)


(click for bigger photos)

A blonde and a red head walk into a bike rental place... :)) Dana and I, being complete narcissists in one of the short brakes.

In the morning, the ones that survived enjoyed some time to lazy around.


More detailes and more links here: Strangers on the Net.

And suddenly I understand Miel et Cannelle's love for biking. And I want a bike. Can't wait for Christmas now :)


At around 7am, Dana and I decided we fancied some warm latte's from Starbucks. Unfortunately the place opened at 9 because it was a Saturday. So then we decided to leave our bikes at the rental place ad then go home. But that was closed too until 11.

We were saved when the guy there decided to come in early, thank good! We both went our own separate ways and finally went to sleep after a warm bubble bath. My sleep lasted 2 hours but who cares because it was worth it :)

We couldn't not take photos when the sun was just rising because that's when the light is the best!

And because I know some of my friends actually burst into fits of complete uncontrolable laughter when I told them I was gonna go bike (mind you, not because of the biking, but more because I was the one biking), here's some proof that not only did I actually have a bike but I also let go of my high heels and opted for sneakers instead. Ha, take that!


Song of the Day: Belle and Sebastian - We Rule the School


cherry_melancholic said...

Ah that looks so cool :)

Anonymous said...

Multumiri pentru poze - ti-au iesit excelent. Si sper sa refacem iesiri de genul asta cat mai des ;)

Anonymous said...


D. said...

This sounds really cool!

I wish I could ride a bike *blushes*

George Hari Popescu said...

Mă bucur că ţi-a plăcut. Să nu uiţi acasă aparatul foto nici data viitoare!

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to say I love your blog. Pictures are amazing!

Anonymous said...

Awh yes! Another convert! *smile* It looks like you had a lovely time - that first photo is beautiful. xo

Heidi said...

Awesome. And I love the first photo. It's beautiful. A late-night bike ride with a ton of people is one of those things on my list of things to do sometime in my life. I'm glad you were able to have such an awesome experience, even if your relationships with bikes aren't exactly that friendly.

Chantelle said...

oh how fun!! I wish we had something cool like that in canada!


Great images. Sharp, fresh and so clear!! So, how are things going for you, darling Strawberry? :)


ryan said...


tis serendipity said...

Ahh I love so many of your photos! =) Night cycling sounds really really fun... I did it once too but was so tired I almost fell asleep on my bike. SHould've stocked up on Red Bull like you did. Glad you had so much fun!

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